NJIT new media performance series  2003

april 8 Richard Kostelanetz 4 p.m.
april 15 Miekal And 1 p.m.
april 22 Wilton Azevedo 1 p.m.
april 29 Maria Mencia 4 p.m.


see artist bios below

all events held in the Jim Wise Theater / Kupfrian Hall / NJIT

sponsored by Newark Review
Richard Kostelanetz is a writer, artist, critic, and editor of the avant-garde who is productive in many fields. In 1971, employing a radically formalist approach, Kostelanetz produced the novel In the Beginning, which consists of the alphabet, in single- and double-letter combinations, unfolding over 30 pages. Kostelanetz's nonfiction work The End of Intelligent Writing: Literary Politics in America (1974) charged the New York literary and publishing establishment with inhibiting the publishing and promotion of works by innovative younger authors. His "visual poetry" consists of arrangements of words on a page, using such devices as linking language and sequence, punning, alliteration, parallelism, constructivism, and minimalism. Among his other works are Recyclings: A Literary Autobiography (1974, 1984), Politics in the African-American Novel (1991), Published Encomia, 1967-91 (1991), and On Innovative Art(ist)s (1992). His films include A Berlin Lost (1984) and Berlin Sche-Einena Jother (1988), both with Martin Koerber. Kostelanetz issued many recordings and audiocassettes on his own label and edited works on musicians such as B.B. King, John Cage, and Philip Glass. His A Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes was published in 1999. mIEKAL aND is a longtime DIY cultural anarchist & the creator of an 
infoplex worth of visual-verbal lit, audio-art, performance ritual & 
hypermedia for the Macintosh, all distributed by Xexoxial Editions . His hypermedia works reside 
at JOGLARS Crossmedia Broadcast. Recent work has focused on activating online collaborative workspaces where 
writers & media artists can create collective digital works in a real 
time environment. Since 1991, he has made his home at Dreamtime Village, a hypermedia / permaculture village 
project, located in the driftless bioregion of southwestern Wisconsin. 
And devotes much time to creating edible wilderness indoors & out, 
growing such things as figs, citrus, cherries, grapes & chestnuts. 1998 
marked the creation of THE DRIFTLESS GROTTO OF WEST LIMA, a permanent public grotto/park/installation which when finished will feature a bird-operated time machine in a 25 ft blue glass tower.
Wilton Azevedo, from the city of São Paulo, Brazil, is a plastic artist, and graphic designer. He made the first exhibition of computer painting in São Paulo in 1988. He is author of O que é Design (What is Design), Os Signos do Design (The Signs of Design), and Criografia: A Escritura da Imagem Congelada (Cryography: the Scripture of Frozen Image). He is a advisor professor of Post-Graduation Program in Education, Art and Culture of the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (Presbyterian University Mackenzie). He published the cd-rom Interpoesia:Poesia Hipermídia Interativa (Interpoetry: interactive hypermedia poetry), a work by him and Philadelpho Menezes, his friend, colleague and art partner. This cd-rom was awarded the Sérgio Mota award of culture in the year of 2000. He is developing a new cd rom, titled Looppoesia: A Poética da Mesmice (Looppoetry: The Poetics of the Sameness), a posthumous tribute to his beloved friend and art partner for many years and a continuation of the interpoetry as an esthetic concept and a new media poetry.  Maria Mencia is a London based artist/researcher of Spanish nationality, born in Caracas-Venezuela. She is currently doing a Fine Art Practice based Ph.D. at Chelsea College of Art & Design-The London Institute, London, UK. Title: From Visual Poetry to Digital Art: An exploration of new communicative systems formed by text as a visual, semantic and aural element in the production of meaning using digital technologies. Exhibitions She exhibits and has performed nationally and internationally: Spain, England, Belgium, Holland, USA, Germany, Norway Cuba and Japan