Enid Dame, our dear colleague and friend of many years, passed away suddenly on Christmas Day, 2003. Enid was a prolific artist, and an incessant promoter of poetry through her work as a teacher of writing and literature, as co-editor of Home Planet News, and as a scholar. Everyone who came into contact with Enid admired her.

Enid and I enjoyed a loose, but ongoing, dialog regarding poetry during the six an a half years we were both part of the Humanities faculty at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Her poems appear in two of the Volume 2 editions of Newark Review.

Shocked by her passing, I knew immediately that I wanted to establish an online memorial for her. The intent here is to create an online outpost for Enid’s writings, as well as develop a site that includes tributes to her life, presented as a compliment to and extension of her work.

The site is launched upon the occasion of a tribute event for Enid on the NJIT campus, 10 March 2004. Anyone who wishes to contribute materials may do so by contacting the editors via newrev@njit.edu or c/o Humanities Division NJIT University Heights Newark, NJ 07102

With great appreciation to Enid, and with sorrow for her loss…

Chris Funkhouser
editor, Newark Review


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