by: Kwame Agyapong

(in loving memory of Dr. Enid Dame)

It seems like it was just yesterday
An already blossoming; we need Enid any day.
Her humanity made her a good mentor
She was is a metaphor

You taught me just two semesters ago, Dame.
You could have said you'll be transferred, damn!
We were not close pals
Our destiny chose cross paths.

The time against your well wisher
When passing the Jordan whisper.
Hidden chains bond me,
Gosh! This news is mean.

Tell the old man I'm still trying
I swear no oath but will be trifling.
You have endless rest in hegemonic shadows
Father has a standard against demonic arrows.

Many remember you're time divine
I sure got pages to edit in half sonnet, make define,
Ooh, right your chapter is done Dame
Sweet sour tears paint dark hallow in your dome.

Decemeber 25th,
The manger brought faith.
December 25th,
The heaven brought fate.

What a length'y short life Enid
O muse! Virgil knew your aeneid.
You remained virgin to them Jazz
Which god was provoked that he can't find you just?

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