Poems by Enid Dame


Offsite Links

"Beach" & "Bulbs" (Mental Health Association)

Jerusalem Syndrome (Heliotrope)

"Lilith" & "Lilith's New Career" & "Dream Wedding" (Poets on the Line)

Lilith (Shy David)

Lilith (Belmont)

Lilith, I Don't Cut My Grass (Wise Women's Web)

Lilith in a Garden in San Antonio, Texas, or, The Name Game (Newark Review)

The Collier Brother's Backyard (Newark Review)

"Bulbs" & "Returned" (note: this is a video that is 40 mb, created for ESL at NJIT)


Tribute Poems for Enid

A poem written by Chris Funkhouser

A poem written by Kwame Agyapong


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