Enid Dame, you were a dear friend and colleague.

The high-spirited energy of your life will serve as an inspiration for all of us.

From the depths of your poetic soul, delivering your immense feelings about life,

so well expressed-- to your breezy smile, generating warmth toward all of us

-- you were so generous! There is no replacement.

The void is a huge one, and we are ailing. But remembering you and your quick

and unexpected sail-away from us, we knew you had to move on, to distant shores

we have yet to approach.

So, we slowly heal as we imagine your journey with, no doubt, safe passage.

Near the monument to Dante, in the church of Santa Croce,

in Florence, I lit candles in your memory, in late December.

At first, the candle lights played games, not forming the usual pattern of flame.

But suddenly, the wavering became a graceful movement, as if in a dance.

Then the candles burned so brightly, and I saw their sway as a sign that you were pleased!

Sail on, dear friend. You will always be in our hearts, and we will remember you,

with admiration and love, especially when gentle breezes blow,

and there is vintage wine in the night air.

-Louise Castronova

Special Lecturer, Humanities

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