N     E     W     A     R     K
R     E     V     I     E     W

Volume 2, set 2

The Zone                                   David Rothenberg
a  w o r k   i n   P r o g r e s s
1998 - 1999
Ten years ago the machines failed us as no one was in charge. 
The looming subsumes us from war to peace. 
You remember the story (itís not yet over)
The voice of the wind, 
Thereís an old swing set rusting in the woods. 
Someone blew up the mountain 
The old order is turned asunder 
A bomb left a hole gaping at the street corner
The philosopher has returned to his homeland
You enter the room and the day is still sunny
Seventeen years
What changes is the will to change
One song after another, not to impress,
If youíre driving long enough
This age of ours always hangs on