Lebrashawn Turman


Enveloped from sound, probing within,
hoping to discover the premise for my probing.
Enveloped from sound seeing the true essence
of motion I wonder- to myself; why has this beauty escaped me.
Glistens in my eyes displays this restoring my sight unlike any
feline unlike any psychic. Tis quite simple as a star yet com-
pounded with complexities and these are that they exist.
Enveloped from sound, my mind expands like a woman's
womb full of life and even my sense of smell savors
imaginable fruit. Sweet promises of the things I did not
only fathom in my mind.
I raise the projective assurance of my right hand and
place it on the left. its receptive nature knows that now
there is a balance. I place my mid joints extended from below
on the earth and like a choreographed dance my head follows.
Enveloped from sound; I succumb, hearing only my internal
song realizing its beauty but still having to understand the words.