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Hello to whoever is reading this is my webpage and my name is Nuriman Tjiptarto. This is an assignment for my IT 101 class so lets hope this works out. My favorite color is periwinkle and I love dogs. I can't get real personal because people will probably try and steal my identity so lets talk about future me and my expectations for my years at NJIT. As said previously I am an Information Technology student and I plan on minoring in Human Computer Interaction next semester. Within IT I plan on learning the management of different computer systems as well as the networking aspect. However with my Human Computer Interaction background I hope to learn how to incorporate a business aspect to my way of thinking. I'm most excited about learning more about User Experience as design in my passion and this area of study puts technology and art together.

Throughout my years at NJIT some of goals include: being a part of many organizations and clubs on campus, broadening my network. Being able to excel in my classes is also a big priority of mine, I even hope to get on the dean's list. I have a lot to learn within the IT field however I plan to work as hard as I can to try to understand everything. One of my favorite sayings from Mark Cuban is "the best way to live is as a student... never stop learning." I certainly intend to do so Mark.

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