To whom it may concern (AKA Lori L. Wastrous-deVersterre)

Hello! You are currently teaching me how to do this. I am currently a second semester transfer student at NJIT and I commute here everyday. I plan on graduating in around two years because I will have to take a semester off to do some training for the US Army. I thoroughly enjoy coming here and I have been doing well in my studies. I have been trying to find an internship for the past couple of weeks but have come up empty handed. While I work hard in school I also work hard outside of school.

Outside of school I love doing things outdoors. I love playing a wide variety of sports on a daily basis, especialy soccer. I also go to the gym every other day and take a yoga class here at NJIT. I feel that all of these things keep my mind healthy, happy and focused. I try and live a well rounded life with an equal balance of hard work in academics, hard work in excercising and hard work partying with my friends :). Today is my first day back from spring break and it feels awful. I basically did nothing over spring break and had multiple assignments due this week (which I had no idea) and now have to do them all within the next ~48 hours. :/

Anyways, I'm enjoying your class so far and can't wait for this week to be over so I get back into the groove of classes everyday, Nick

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