Nikola Bosnjak



I am conducting my research at Cornell University as a Postdoctoral Associate in Mechanics for Material Design group. Prior to this appointment, I obtained my PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. While completing my PhD, I served as a Graduate Research Assistant at Laboratory for the Mechanics of Advaced Materials.

The wider scope of my research involves the mechanics of polymers, with the main focus on experiments and modeling of the coupled multi-physics behavior. Polymeric materials are ubiquitous, from diverse biomedical applications, as artificial organs and drug delivery systems, to actuators in soft robotics.

Multiphysics modeling and simulation

Operation of a diffusion-driven soft robotic gripper - FEA and experiments

From experiments to simulation capabilites

Mechanical characterization of polymers and polymeric gels in various environments, constitutive modeling and numerical implementation


Nikola Bosnjak