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Who the Heck is this Guy? Well Give me a Minute to explain in detail.

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Where can you find me?

Well my email is: os56@njit.edu if you have any questions do as what the children of this generation say "Hit me up fam!"

Just a little bit about myself

After the moment of tossing away the high school graduation cap only a few words would follow, Im done. But am I really done? Is a student that aspires for a higher education truly done with school? Well for a child born from an Egyptian family and thrown in as a first generation college student; it stood to me that I only touched the tip of the iceberg in what I wish to obtain. In my youth, it was a dream to reach even near the position I stand today. Hardships, fear of the superior, and even questioning of self worth bombarded me whenever I stepped into a classroom. These obstacles only built a path towards a better future and a steady climb for me to reach even closer towards achieving my desired degree at NJIT.

NJIT is called the Highlanders for the reason of it being on top of one the highest points in Newark. So physically and mentally I must build a foundation for myself to understand that this institution is going to become a climb. Enduring a month of this schools arduous courses I worked diligently through a program for low income, minority students such as myself throughout the summer called EOP. The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) here at NJIT gave me my first step to fly head first into the first semester with a once in a lifetime start to college before it even begins. The program also gave me a chance to show off my communication skills with others students which allowed me to build strong connections before the semester begins. After that month I stood tall knowing my vast resources are not only what the school offers, but even the relationships I built along the way.

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