Hello! Welcome to my first ever web page. I am currently a student enrolled at New Jersey Institute of Technology located in Newark New Jersey. I am enrolled in the Information Technology program. I chose to major in information technology because I feel this is a field that is constantly changing in the world of computing. That is an aspect to the field that I enjoy. I constantly get to learn as time goes on which is exciting!

I am a huge car geek. Not in a mechanical sense but I love researching car specifications, prices, and etc. I have a couple dream cars, but I am reasonable in my wants. I am not interested in the really expensive super cars like Ferrari or Maserati. I am into everyday cars (although I tend to like the expensive ones). My first car that I definitely plan on getting is the Volkswagen GTI. For me, this vehicle encompasses everything that I could want in a car. It is fuel efficient, quick, affordable, and has everyday practical uses due to its hatchback design. It has an upscale cabin and has subjectively good looks (I personally love the design).

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