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(I have published 80+ papers and conference proceedings in the areas of knowledge management, computer-supported learning, and telecommunications trends). 



Passerini, K., El Tarabishy, A., Patten, K. (2012) Information Technology for Small Business: Managing the Digital Enterprise, Springer Science + Business Media, ISBN 978-1-4614-3039-1 e-ISBN 978-1-4614-3040-7. Springer download  Amazon download


Only selected journal publications are listed below.

Somers, MJ, Passerini, K. Parhankangas, A. Casal, J. Using mind maps to study how business school students and faculty organize and apply general business knowledge. The International Journal of Management Education, 12 (1), March, pp. 1–13, 2014.

Somers, M., Passerini, K., Parhankangas, A., Casal, J. C.,  Management Education and the Professions. Organization Management Journal, 11(1), pp. 47-56, 2014

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Passerini K. The Power of Alliances: The Ugandan Infectious Disease Institute Initiative. Society and Business Review Vol. 1, 3, pp. 220-234, November 2006. Elsevier.

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Fjermestad, J., Passerini, K., Patten, K. Bartolacci, M., Ullman, D. Moving Towards Mobile Third Generation Telecommunications Standards: The Good And Bad Of The ‘Anytime/Anywhere’ Solutions. Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS), 17, pp. 71-89. Jan 2006.

Passerini, K. and Patten, K. Preparing the IT Department in Small and Large Organizations for the Mobile Revolution. Cutter IT Journal. Vol. 18, 8, pp. 19-27. August 2005.

Passerini, K. , Granger, M.J. A Developmental Model for Distance Learning Using the Internet. Computers & Education, 34, 1, pp. 1-15. Jan 2000.

Passerini, K. and Granger, M.J. Integration of Instructional Approaches Through Media Combinations in an Undergraduate Information Systems Course. Campus-Wide Information Systems, 16(4), pp. 162-170, 1999

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