Qiang Tang

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Ying Wu College of Computing

JACOBI Blockchain Lab

Phone: 973-596-2656
Fax: 973-596-5777
Email: qtang84 (at) gmail.com

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2020.11. Qiang delievered a keynote talk at ICDCS Workshop on Blockchain and Mobile Applications .
2020.11. Qiang is invited to serve as PC for USENIX Security 21 .
2020.11. Qiang delivered an invited talk about Dumbo protocols at Web3 Foundation.
2020.10. Qiang is invited to serve as PC for PKC 21 .
2020.8.   Qiang delivered an invited talk at KDD Workshop of Smart Data for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger.
2020.8.   Our paper about Updatable Encryption is accepted to ASIACRYPT 20 , Congrats, Long, Ya-Nan! Video
2020.7.   Our work on Asynchronous Consensus was reported in a dedicated interview by CoinDesk, China.
2020.6.   Our paper about Generic Lightclient for Permissionless Blockchain is accepted to ESORICS 20 , Congrats, Yuan! Video
2020.6.   Qiang is invited to serve as PC for INFOCOM 2021.
2020.5.   Qiang was awarded the YWCC Research Award.
2020.5.   Our paper of Dumbo-MVBA got accepted to PODC 2020 , Congrats Zhenliang, Yuan. Video
2020.3.   Our paper of Dumbo:Fast Asynchronous BFT Protocols got accepted to CCS 2020 , Congrats Zhenliang.
2020.2.   Our paper of practical decentralized Human Intelligent Tasks got accepted by ICDCS 2020 , Congrats, Yuan. Video
2020.2.   Qiang is invited to serve as PC for ASIACRYPT 2020.
2019.12. Our paper of Proof of Storage time was accepted to NDSS 2020 , Congrats, Long.
2019.12. Qiang is selected to be MIT Technical Review 35 Chinesse Innovators Under 35, 2019. News , Talk
2019.10. Qiang delivered a keynote talk at China Blockchain Conference 2019. Media report 1 , 2
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About Me:

I am currently an assistant professor at at the computer science department of New Jersey Institute of Technology, and co-directing the JACOBI Blockchain Lab with JD vice president Prof. Jian Pei , and ISCAS vice chief engineer, Prof. Zhenfeng Zhang. I am also a core faculty member of the NJIT Cybersecurity Center.
Previously, I was a postdoc at Cornell University, and I was also a member of the
Initiative for Crypto-Currencies and Contracts (IC3). My host is Prof. Elaine Shi.   Before joining Cornell, I received my PhD from the University of Connecticut under the supervision of Prof. Aggelos Kiayias and Prof. Alexander Russell.
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Research Interests:

My research interests lie in applied & theoretical cryptography, privacy and computer security. In particular: blockchain technology, post-Snowden cryptography, accountability, and information theoretic security.

My research is generously supported by NSF, JD.com, AFRL, Google, DoE, Protocol Labs, Particl Foundation, and NJIT .

Publications: DBLP

Selected publications:
  • Blockchain Technology: CCS 15, ICDCS 18, ICDCS 20, NDSS 20, CCS 20, PODC 20, ESORICS 20 ...

  • Post-Snowden Cryptography: ASIACRYPT 16, CCS 17, CCS 17 Tutorial, CRYPTO 18, PKC 19...

  • Accountability: CCS 13, CCS 15, ESORICS 15, ESORICS 18, ...

  • Information Theoretic Security: EUROCRYPT 16, TIFS 16, ..
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Honors and Awards:

  • 2020, Ying Wu College of Computing, Research Award
  • 2020, Member, Sigma Xi
  • 2019, MIT Technical Review, 35 Innovators Under 35, China
  • 2019, Google Faculty Research Award
  • 2016, Asiacrypt Conference Paper Award
  • 2015, Taylor Booth Fellowship
  • 2013-15, Pre-Doctoral Scholarship, UCONN


Visitors and Students:

  • Visiting Scholars:
    • Prof. Kunpeng Wang (from Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    • Bo Pang (Ph.D student from Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    • Hanwen Feng (Ph.D student from Beihang University)
  • Postdocs:
    • Long Chen
  • Ph.D students:
    • Songlin He (Co-advised with Prof. Chase Wu)
    • Craig Kenney
    • Yanan Li
    • Zhen-Liang Lu
    • Yuan Lu (graduated 2020, Co-advised with Prof. Grace Wang, now a professor at Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    • Tian Qiu
  • Master students:
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Selected Professional Activities:

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Media Coverage:


  • The merit based CSRankings of NJIT:
         cryptography rank 40;   cryptography rank 28 since 2016
         crypto+security rank 55;   crypto+security rank 40 since 2016

  • My Erdös number is 3 :-).
         Me → Nikos Leonardos → Michael Saks → Erdös
         Me → Alex Russell → Leonardo J. Schulman → Erdös
         Me → Moti Yung → Naga Alon → Erdös