Qiang Tang

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Ying Wu College of Computing

4204 GITC Building
New Jersey Institute of Technology
University Heightes, Newark, NJ

Phone: 973-596-2656
Fax: 973-596-5777
Email: qiang (at) njit.edu

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2018.1.   Qiang is invited to serve on PC of Asiacrypt 2018, please submit your good works.
2018.1.   Qiang is invited to be a panelist in MSQ Ventures 2018 US Blockchain Innovation Event - NYC.
2017.11. Our paper about achieving function privacy in public key functional encryption was accepted to PKC '18.
2017.11. Particl Foundation donated a gift to support Qiang's blockchain research.
2017.11. Qiang was invited to server on PCs of a couple of Blockchain and security venues.
2017.10. Qiang was interviewed by WallStreet Journal to comment on Krack Attack.
2017.10. Qiang was hosting Cybersecurity Distinguished Lecture delivered by Dr. Jonathan Katz.
2017.10. Qiang was interviewed by WalletHub to comment on Identity Theft.
2017.10. Qiang delivered an invited talk at Security and Privacy Day about Correcting Random Oracle.
2017.9.   The Kleptography and Cliptography bibliography is online.
2017.9.   Qiang's talk about Cliptography at DIMACS Workshop is online.  Video.
2017.9.   Qiang is invited on serving as a program committee member for ACISP 2018
2017.8.   Our paper about general modular design principle against subversion was accepted to CCS '17.
2017.6.   Our proposal of "Cliptography:Post-Snowden Cryptography" was accepted to CCS '17 for a 3-hr tutorial.
2017.6.   Qiang was was awarded a DoE STTR grant about blockchain based energy IoT.
2017.6.   Qiang was invited to serve as a program committee member for PKC 2018.
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About Me:

I am currently an assistant professor at at the computer science department of New Jersey Institute of Technology. I am also a core faculty member of the NJIT Cybersecurity Center.
Previously, I was a postdoc at Cornell University, and I was also a member of the
Initiative for Crypto-Currencies and Contracts (IC3). My host is Professor Elaine Shi.   Before joining Cornell, I received my PhD from the University of Connecticut under the supervision of Professor Aggelos Kiayias and Professor Alexander Russell.

Research Interests:

My research interests lie in applied & theoretical cryptography, privacy and computer security. In particular: blockchain technology, post-Snowden cryptography, accountability, and information theoretic security.


Publications: DBLP

  • ZebraLancer: Private and Anonymous Crowdsourcing System atop Open Blockchain
    Yuan Lu, Qiang Tang, Grace Wang

  • Making Any Attribute Based Encryption Accountable, Efficiently
    Junzuo Lai, Qiang Tang

  • Correcting Random Oracles and Its Kleptographic Applications
    Alexander Russell, Qiang Tang, Moti Yung, Hong-Sheng Zhou

  • Secure Computation against Kleptographic Attacks
    Alexander Russell, Qiang Tang, Moti Yung, Hong-Sheng Zhou

  • Subverting Subversion-Resistant Cryptosystems: On the Subtle Power of Composition
    Alexander Russell, Qiang Tang, Moti Yung, Hong-Sheng Zhou

  • Near-Optimal Computational Multi-Secret Sharing and Its Applications
    Aggelos Kiayias, Murat Osmanoglu, Alexander Russell, Qiang Tang


Selected Professional Activities:

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Visitors and Students:

  • Visiting Scholars:
    • Prof. Kunpeng Wang (from Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Ph.D students:
    • Yuan Lu (Co-advised with Prof. Grace Wang)
    • Hridam Basu
    • Zhen-Liang Lu
    • Long Chen (in Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    • Xin Zhong (Committee member)
  • Master students:
    • Achal Verma
    • Bertram Gibson
    • Craig Kenney
    • Patel Keyul
    • Christian Granier
  • Undergrad students:
    • Archit Gupta
    • Matt Triplett

Media Coverage:


My Erdös number is 3 :-).
     Me → Nikos Leonardos → Michael Saks → Erdös
     Me → Alex Russell → Leonardo J. Schulman → Erdös
     Me → Moti Yung → Naga Alon → Erdös