My name is Rhiannon!

Hi! I am a freshman here at NJIT. My major is Information Technology, and I want to specialize in Criminal Justice and Law. I have a minor in history. Someday I hope to be a lawyer, but I am not sure what kind yet. I chose IT because it is what my focus was in high school, and I decided to go to NJIT because it was the only in-state school I found with an IT program instead of only computer science. Personally, I am not very good at programming, so majoring in information technology was the best decision for me. Although it is my first semester here, I currently have sophomore status, and I will have junior credit status in Fall of 2018. I do not plan on graduating early because I want to study abroad at least once and to do a co-op.

My favorite animal is a red panda, which is why I included a picture of one. I love going to the Cape May Zoo and seeing the red panda there! The Cape May Zoo is my favorite zoo because it is near my dad's house, is free to enter, and is near Cape May! Due to my love of animals, I am a vegetarian because I do not approve of how animals being raised for food are treated. Also because of this, I try to support cruelty free makeup and beauty brands. My favorite makeup store is Sephora, and I included a link to their online store here, as well. It is extremely important to have a careful eye when buying makeup from Sephora because they carry non-cruelty free brands. My top favorite brands are Anastasia Beverly Hills, or ABH, and Too Faced. ABH has wonderful, high-quality eyeshadow palettes, which I own two of, and Too Faced has my favorite mascara and my favorite eyeshadow palette that I own.

Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about me!

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This is a link to my favorite makeup store.