Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program (SCGSR)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Jun 2018 – Sep 2018 Oak Ridge, TN


  • Used TITAN Supercomputer to simulate phase separation of liquid metal NiAg alloys in combination with Rayleigh-Plateau type instabilities.
  • Utilized the Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator (LAMMPS).
  • Attended Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility training series on high performance computing .
  • Worked collaboratively with experimental team at University of Tennessee, Knoxville and ORNL.
  • Gave weekly presentations, updating the team on research progress.
  • Mentored undergraduates and high school students with research projects.

Research Assistant

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Sep 2017 – Present New Jersey


  • Developed mathematical model describing leading order thermal effects in the evolution of nanoscale thin films.
  • Developed and implemented numerical algorithm(s) for comparing various models of heat conduction in the presence of a free surface, including a time-dependent mapping that can be applied to various physical problems on moving domains.
  • Implemented a fully implcit 3D heat conduction/thin film solver into the GPU architecture, CUDA, under the C++ framework.
  • Simulated large scale molecular dynamics simulations of liquid metal alloys using LAMMPS software with the supercomputers (TITAN & SUMMIT at Oak Ridge National Laboratory).
  • Simulated large scale GPU simulations of heat conduction using local nvidia gpu, STHENO cluster at NJIT, and SUMMIT supercomputer at ORNL.

Teaching Assistant

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Sep 2015 – Sep 2017 New Jersey


  • Recitation instructor for Calculus 1 & 2.
  • Organized tutoring sessions for undergraduates.
  • Grading assignments, exams, and MATLAB projects and provided worked out solutions online.
  • Exam and quiz proctoring.


Ahluwalia Doctoral Fellowship

Doctoral award received in honor of the former chair Dr. Daljit Ahluwalia.

Provost Doctoral Fellowship

Nominated by the chair/dean for this award.

Graduating Masters Research Award.

Award for outstanding research, culiminating in my M.S. Thesis.



Some of the work I have written.

(2020). Project Description. On efficient asymptotic modelling of thin films on thermally conductive substrates. Submitted to Journal of Fluid Mechanics for Peer Review.

PDF Arxiv Submission

(2020). Project Description. The role of phase separation on Rayleigh-Plateau type instabilities in alloys. Submitted to the Journal of Physical Chemistry C..

Preprint Supporting Information

(2019). Project Description. Surface, Interface, and Temperature Effects on the Phase Separation and Nanoparticle Self Assembly of Bi-Metallic Ni0.5Ag0.5: A Molecular Dynamics Study..

DOI Nanomaterials

(2017). Project Description. On the Three Dimensional Interaction between Flexible Fibers and Fluid Flow.

PDF Fluids

(2014). Project Description. On the equilibrium configurations of flexible fibers in a flow.

J. Nonlin Mech.


Connect with me

  • rha25 (at) njit (dot) edu
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology, Office 515, Cullimore Hall, 323 M.L.K. Boulevard, University Heights, Newark, New Jersey 07102 USA
  • Office hours by appointment.