Ryan H. Allaire

Ph.D. Candidate

New Jersey Institute of Technology


About Me

I am a 5th year Ph.D. candidate at NJIT and am currently studying thin-films. Specifically I study the assembly mechanism of nanoscale thin liquid films using both theory and simulations. Theory involves coupling fourth-order partial differential equations for film thickness with other equations of physics such as the heat equation. One aspect of my research is the utilization of asymptotic analysis to reduce equations of heat transfer to simpler equations, which greatly expedites the numerics. I perform two types of simulations: (i) finite-difference simulations of continuum theory equations, and (ii) molecular dynamics simulations of liquid metal alloys. The latter is performed in collaboration with scientists from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and University of Tennessee (UTK) using the supercomputers TITAN and SUMMIT (the fastest supercomputer in the world).

Recent News

Jan 2017: Ryan Passed the Oral Qualifying Exam;

Jan 2018: Thesis Proposal defended;

May 2018: Oak Ridge National Laboratory Intern under DOE SCGSSR;

May 2019: Ryan visits ORNL and UTK for summer research position;