Waves on Wednesday Seminar Series

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Fall 2005

Talks in this series are held every other Wednesday in Cullimore 611 at 10:00 am unless noted otherwise. If you have any questions about a particular colloquium, please contact the person hosting the speaker. For general questions about the colloquium schedule, please contact  Richard Moore (rmoore AT njit.edu).


Speaker and title

October 5

 David Stickler, NJIT
 Ray Theory and Layered Media (abstract)
David Stickler

October 19

 David Trubatch, US Military Academy at West Point
 Recurrence in the Korteweg-de Vries Equation? (abstract)
Richard Moore

November 2

 David Stickler, NJIT
 Inversion of the Born Approximation for the Half-Line Dirichlet Problem (abstract)
David Stickler

November 9

 Deborah Berebichez, New York University
  Time-Reversal for Temporal Compression and Spatial Focusing of Acoustic Waves in Enclosures (abstract)
Roy Goodman

November 16

 Semyon Tsynkov, North Carolina State University
 Numerical Solution of the Nonlinear Helmholtz Equation Using Nonorthogonal Expansions (abstract)
Peter Petropoulos

December 7

 Boguk Kim, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Transverse Instability of Gravity-Capillary Solitary Waves and Formation of Lumps (abstract)
Wooyoung Choi