Waves on Wednesday Seminar Series

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Spring 2005

Talks in this series are held Wednesdays in Cullimore 611 at 10:00 am unless noted otherwise. If you have any questions about a particular colloquium, please contact the person hosting the speaker. For general questions about the colloquium schedule, please contact  Richard Moore (rmoore@oak.njit.edu).


Speaker and title

January 19

 Gregory Kriegsmann, NJIT
  The Lobachefsky Metric, Maxwell's Fish Eye, and Forty Foot Breakers at Hilo

February 9

 Richard O. Moore, NJIT
 Tracking Rare Events in Optical Communications

February 23

 Peter Petropoulos, NJIT
 EMP Propagation in the Cole-Cole Dielectric Model: Asymptotics and Numerics (abstract)

March 23

 Shidong Jiang, NJIT
 Scattering by Open Surfaces and Generalized Poincare-Bertrand Formula (abstract)

April 6

 Roy Goodman, NJIT
 The Two-Bounce Resonance in Solitary Wave Collisions (abstract)

April 20

 Lin Zhou, NJIT
 Electromagnetic and Acoustic Propagation in Strip Lines and Porous Media (thesis defense)

April 27

 Tobias Schaefer, The College of Staten Island
 Approximating nonlinear Maxwell's Equations (abstract)