Kurt R. Rohloff, Ph.D.


Associate Professor of Computer Science

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

Director, NJIT Cybersecurity Research Center

Newark, NJ 07102

The Basics

I am an associate professor of computer science at NJIT and am the recipient of a DARPA Young Faculty Award.

My research interests are in encrypted computing, homomorphic encryption, lattice-based cryptography, cybersecurity, distributed information management and high-assurance software design.

I am the co-founder and director of the NJIT Cybersecurity Research Center. Since our founding in 2015, our center has grown from $0 to $10M in external funding for cybersecurity research with support from DARPA, IARPA, AFRL, ARL, NSA, the Sloan Foundation and NSF among others. We have a staff inclusive of tenure-track faculty, research professors, professional programmers, graduate students and undergraduate programmers.

Graduate research assistantships and post-doctoral appointments may be available, but only for dedicated students with extremely strong C/C++ or embedded systems programming skills and a strong mathematical background. If you want to work in my group, you will need to write high quality, professional-level software.

PALISADE Software Library

A major outcome of my group's research is the PALISADE open-source library for lattice cryptography and homomorphic encryption. PALISADE is now in public release. More information on the PALISADE Lattice Encryption Software Library can be found by clicking here.

In this video below, I present a vision for homomorphic encryption, as enabled by the PALISADE lattice encryption software library.

Kurt Rohloff - Homomorphic Encryption from NJIT on Vimeo.

Please reach out to me for details on PALISADE. You can access the public external facing PALISADE git repository here.

Erdös Number:

My Erdös number is 3.

Me → Chris Peikert → Leonard J. Schulman → Paul Erdös

Last updated: July 11, 2017