Interconnections for Computer Communications and Packet Networks

Roberto Rojas-Cessa


ISBN: 978-1-482-22696-6, CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Group), 2016.



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Part I. Processor Interconnections


Chapter 1. Multiprocessor Interconnection Networks (ppt, pdf)


Chapter 2. Routing (ppt, pdf)


Part II. Data Networks


Chapter 3. Internet Protocol (IP) Address Lookup (pptx, pdf)


Chapter 4. Packet Classification (pptx, pdf)


Chapter 5. Basics of Packet Switching (pptx, pdf)


Chapter 6. Input Queued Switches (pptx, pdf)


Chapter 7. Shared Memory Packet Switches (pptx, pdf)


Chapter 8. Internally Buffered Packet Switches (pptx, pdf)


Chapter 9. Load Balancing Switches (ppt, pdf)


Chapter 10. Clos-Network Packet Switches (pptx, pdf)


Chapter 11. Buffer Management in Routers (pptx, pdf)


Part III. Data Center Networks


Chapter 12. Data Center Networks (pptx, pdf)





Errata (pdf)


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