Salma Kochay

I am a Human Computer Interaction major at New Jersey Institute of Technology, specializing in cognitive design. My goal is to graduate with a Bachelor's of Science by May 2020. With this degree, I would like to work in the corporate world working on web design.

I grew up in upstate New York and did not discover my interest in technology until I started high school in central New Jersey. Upon being given the opportunity to choose among a multitude of classes, I found myself being attracted to the computing classes. I proceeded to take classes in C++ and Java computing languages. By my junior year of high school, I was sure that this was something I wanted to pursue. However, I was still unsure about what exactly I wanted to do.

Originally, I had entered NJIT as an Information Technology major. After a year of that, I realized that what I really enjoyed was web design and enhancing the user experience. That is when I changed my major to HCI.

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