IT 101-004 HW03

Hey! Welcome to my Webpage. My name is Sameer Chakraborty, I am a Junior at NJIT.
I am 22 years old and I am from a town close to Princeton, NJ. I initially started as
a mechanical engineering major and recently switched over to IT and do not regret it
one bit. I am extremely excited about my future in the IT industry.

I currently intern in an IT department for a Civil Engineering firm here in Newark, NJ.
I am also extremely passionate about cars and music. I am constantly looking into cars and
love driving them as well hence why I used to work at Princeton BMW. On top of that, I am
very into music, I play the drums, guitar and a few other instruments and usually I am
listening to music all day.

LaFerrari, possibly the fastest production car?

Check out my article here where I talk about a bad site.

Extra Credit