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Fluid Mechanics Seminar - Fall 2010

Seminars are held on Mondays from 4:00 to 5:00 pm in Cullimore 611, unless noted otherwise. For questions about the seminar schedule, please contact Shahriar Afkhami.

Date Speaker and Title Host
Sept. 6 Labor Day
Sept. 15 Recheduled for Oct 6
Shahriar Afkhami
Sept. 20 Xiaolin Li, Stony Brook University
Front tracking and its coupling with convection dominated problems
Michael Siegel
Sept. 27 Ian Griffiths, University of Oxford
Mathematical modelling of adsorption kinetics and micellization in surfactant systems
Linda Cummings
Oct. 6 (with waves seminar) Arnaud Goullet, NJIT
Evolution of large amplitude internal solitary waves using a regularized model
Shahriar Afkhami
Oct. 11 Shravan Veerapaneni, NYU/Courant
Large-scale simulations of vesicles suspended in 3D viscous flows
Yuan Young
Oct. 18 Young Ju Lee, Rutgers
Self-Sustaining Oscillations of the Falling Sphere Through the Johnson-Segalman Fluids
Shahriar Afkhami
Oct. 25 Qiming Wang, NJIT
Capillary breakup in viscous fluids: surface-tension driven flow and the effect of surfactant or electric fields
Shahriar Afkhami
Nov. 1 (special time: 11:30am-12:30pm) Daniel Attinger, Columbia University
Multiscale Engineering of solid-liquid interface
Shahriar Afkhami
Nov. 8 Taehun Lee, CCNY/Levich
Unstructured Lattice Boltzmann Method for Single- and Two-phase Flows
Shahriar Afkhami
Nov. 15 Raquel Perez-Castillejos, NJIT
Magnetic fluids and microfluidics: A powerful combination
Shahriar Afkhami
Nov. 22 APS/DFD Meeting
Nov. 29 Javier Diez, UNCPBA, Tandil, Argentina
A liquid rivulet placed across on an inclined plane: Its stability
Lou Kondic
Dec. 6 Michael Higley, NJIT
Evolution of an elastic capsule in two-dimensional Stokes flow
Shahriar Afkhami

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