Muller Matrix Ellipsometer Project

was at U4IR beamline NSLS-BNL

Will be moved to NSLS-II, MET beamline

3D schematics of the far-IR Ellipsometer at U4-IR beamline, NSLS. Standard configuration consists of PSG and PSA sections, ARS optical cryostat, double-circle Huber goniometer, and the X-Y-Z-c sample positioning system (Huber components). The optical cryostat is mounted on the q- table of the goniometer. The PSA section and bolometer are mounted on the 2q-arm of the goniometer.

Welcome to the far-IR Ellipsometer Project

The instrument was installed at the U4-IR beamline, NSLS, and was open for Users at U4-IR at NSLS-BNL in 20102014

Ellipsometer will be installed at the MET beamline NSLS-II