Funding for the Project

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NSF Grant for Development of the Ellipsometer 2008—2010

DMR-0821224  “Development of a full-Muller-matrix spectroscopic ellipsometer for far-IR radiation at the National Synchrotron Light Source”


DOE Grant  for measurements  2013-2016    

DE-FG02-07ER46382  Magnetoelectric Hybrid Modes in Multiferroics: Neutron and Ellipsometry Studies”  and

“Improper Ferroelectricity and Frustrate Magnetism in Hexagonal Multiferroics: Neutron and Ellipsometry Studies”


NSF Grant  for measurements 2010—2011

DMR-0546985  CAREER: Optical Spectroscopy of the Soft-Modes in Multiferroic Single Crystals


Support from the Sponsored Research Office of NJIT for Instrumentation and operations at NSLS-BNL


Muller Matrix Ellipsometer Project

at  U4IR beamline NSLS-BNL