Setup Description

Ellipsometer at U4IR beamline consists of three major components: Polarization State Generation (PSG) section, Sample stage with an optical cryostat, and Polarization State Analyzer (PSA) section.  Straight red arrow shows light propagation direction from interferometer towards Ellipsometer.  Sample Stage and PSA section can rotate to accommodate the variable AOI measurements.

General View  of the Ellipsometer

Muller Matrix Ellipsometer Project

at  U4IR beamline NSLS-BNL

(a) Manifold for the vacuum control of the Ellipsometer chambers. 

(b) (b) Oerlikon turbo-pump station for the Sample Stage and for Bolometer.

Manifold and Turbopump

(left) Flexible bellow with a window mount on the left-hand side. (right) Two bellow connections between PSG (left), Sample Stage (center), and PSA (right) sections of Ellipsometer.                           

Vacuum connectors

(left)      CAD drawing for HUBER XYZ+3-circle-goniometer assembly.

(right)    Sample stage assembly. 

Schematics of the Sample Stage