Simranjeet Kaur


Within the play “Romeo and Juliet” William Shakespeare asked “What’s in a name?” Maybe Shakespeare had forgotten that he had put his very own name under this quote. I am an ordinary twenty one year old female named Simranjeet Kaur, Simmi, for short. For most individuals, I am the quiet girl who sits in the back of class and does all her work on time. Life is about leaving a mark on earth which would surpass our age of living, wither it is through duty, literature, sports, or any other good means.

Just like a diamond has many sides, there are many aspects to my personality. I am passionate about being active in sports. I have experience in soccer, basketball, and volleyball. In college I was not able to find time to play sports but maintained an active lifestyle being part of Newark’s dance team, Brick City Bhangra (Punjabi folk dance). Still connected to my long historical northern Indian roots, I am part of the Sikh Student Association (SSA).

Brick City Bhangra


Sikh Student Association

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