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Hi, my name is Shivang Rastogi.  If you get to know me I am honestly one of the realest guy you'll know.  And yes, I am that confident about that.  I have many interests like computers, sports, and being healthy overall.  I love computers because I feel like when I hold technology for the first time, I honestly go nuts!  I love technology so much.  But not over staying healthy.  Yes, I am a health "nut".  I do cardio, I lift weights, yoga, and on top of that, I do a sport I love, Tennis!

I come from North Brunswick, New Jersey, and Iím majoring in Information Technology.  The reason why I chose NJIT is pretty spontaneous actually.  Originally I wanted to attend Rutgers, but later in the year I found out that Rutgers doesnít have my major.  Then my friend told me that NJIT does have it!  So I was like, why not? I chose IT because I wanted to do something on the computer end without actually programming, so IT was a perfect fit for me.  My overall experience at NJIT hasnít been so great so far.  Donít get me wrong, I met many great students along the way, but I canít find ANYTHING to do on campus!  Maybe I just have to get accustomed to Newark a little bit more.

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