John Tavantzis

Professor of Mathematics

Office: 206A Cullimore

Tel: 973-596-3493

Fax: 973-596-5591



Fall 2005 Office Hours: Tues 10:00-11:00, Wed 2:00-3:00, and by appointment.

Current Courses:

MATH 246-001    Introduction to Financial Mathematics

MATH 334-001    Operations Research

MATH 441-001    Actuarial Mathematics I


Field of Interest:

Analysis, dynamical systems, optimization

Recent Publications:

Bernstein, D., Mouskos, K., and Tavantzis, J., "Implementatation of the Barrier Method to the Variational Inequality (VI) Parking Spatial Price Equilibrium Problem", submitted for publication.

Mouskos, K., Bernstein, D., and Tavantzis, J., "Mathematical Formulation for a Deterministic and Stochastic Parking Reservation Model", submitted for publication.

Harnoy, A., Shridhar, L., and Tavantzis, J., "Viscoelastic Effects on the Stability of Thin-Film Parallel Flow in Lubrication Applications", Rheology and Fluid Mechanics of Nonlinear Materials, ASME, Vol. 252, 2000 pp.49-54.