Tom Swiatek

Hello, my name is Tom Swiatek, I am a sophomore student at New Jeresey Institute of Technology. I am currently majoring in Information Technology. Furthermore, I am Senior IT Technician at Computer Maintenace Facilty here, at NJIT.

I have been passionate about cars since the age of 4, when my parents bought me my first car. It was a Jeep Wrangler powered by an electric motor. I found my second passion when I was 9. My dad brought his old computer from work. He said "its yours now and you can do whatever you want." So I opened the tower and step-by-step discovered how computers are built. One year later I was able to built my first computer! Then, I was more and more interested in computers and new technologies. When I was in 6th grade, I built my home network.

As a car enthusiast, I really care what I drive. BMW is my favorite car manufacturer. I drove the BMW for the first time when I was 16, and since then I knew I don't want any other car, but the Ultimate Driving Machine. I can't wait to order my first "Beamer" next year! My biggest dream is to be the owner of the car that is known as the defintion of the Ultimate Driving Machine - the BMW M5. Click here to read more about BMW M5


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