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Distinguished Professor Emeritus (July 2007),
Information Systems Department
New Jersey Institute of Technology


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The Problem of Knowledge 

(Communication Between Disciplines!)

Pieter Bruegel: The Tower of Babel 1563)



        Former Faculty Appointments:

    • Information Systems, College of Computing Sciences
    • School of  Management, NJIT
    • Rutgers Graduate School of Management

        Prior Academic Administration Experience:

    • Chair of Information Systems Department
    • Chair of Computer and Information Science Department
    • Program Director for Information Systems PhD and Information Systems program in a Management PhD program in Rutgers
    • Director of the Computerized Conference and Communication Center at NJIT for fifteen years

         Prior Work Experience:

    • IBM Systems Engineer
    • Institute for Defense Analysis, Research Scientist
    • Office of Emergency Preparedness, Executive Office of the President, Operations Research Analyst and Systems Designer

        Professional, Research, and Consulting Areas:

    • Information Systems, Computer Mediated Communication Systems
    • Emergency Preparedness and Management Information Systems
    • Learning Systems, Online Learning methodologies
    • Delphi Design, Policy Analysis, Planning Methodologies
    • Interface Design, Systems Evaluation
    • Collaborative Systems and Group Decision Support Systems
    • Management Information Systems
    • Social Impacts of Computer & Information Systems
    • Management of Computer and Information Systems

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        Other Interests:    

        Gardening (Alpine and Rock Gardens, Sedums, Heaths & Heathers, Rhodos and Azaleas, Dwarf Conifers),
        Outdoors (Hiking, Scuba Diving & Snorkeling, Kayaking)
        Science Fiction
        Disaster Books and other Historical Insight books in dealing with difficult decisions and situations


        Course Materials Available:

The following courses are offered face to face and/or online by an appropriate bulletin-board/conferencing system that allows the facilitation of asynchronous online discussions by the students.

PowerPoint material and audio mp3 recordings.

Undergraduate Courses:

        IS 413 Requirements Analysis for Emergency Management Information Systems

        IS 455 Management of Computer Systems

        IS 477 Human Computer Interface Design
                    Same Syllabus and course notes as for IS 732 (see below)

Graduate Courses (can include senior undergraduates or honor upper division undergraduates in a graduate offering):

        IS 613 Design of Emergency Management Information Systems
        IS 679 Management of Information Systems

        IS 732 Design of Interactive Systems

Graduate Course at CUNY:

        PM 761 Technology in Emergency Management

Recent Books

Harrison, Linda, Hiltz, Roxanne, Teles, Lucio, & Turoff, Murray, Learning Networks: A field guide, MIT Press, 1995.

Hiltz, S. R. & Turoff, Murray, The Network Nation, Revised Edition, MIT Press,1993. This book was recently reviewed externally and further, a recent Ph.D. dissertation (Network Nation Revisited) was based on this book.

Complete copy of original reference book on the Delphi Method

The Delphi Method: Techniques and Applications by Harold Linstone and Murray Turoff, 1975. Now that the authors hold the copyright we are  making this freely available on the Web. The last chapter of this book contains a significant overview of the earliest work in computer based group communications.




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Papers Available On Line:


Murray Turoff and Starr Roxanne Hiltz (2008)

Information Seeking Behavior and Viewpoints of Emergency Preparedness and Management professionals concerned with Health and Medicine, Report to the National Library of Medicine (NLM), March 6, 2008. (PDF download, ~1 megabyte)

Turoff, M., Hiltz, S. R., Li, Z., Wang, Y., Cho, H., Yao, X., (2004)

Online Collaborative Learning Enhancement through the Delphi Method, Proceedings of the OZCHI 2004 Conference, November 22-24, University of Wollongong, Australia

Turoff, M., Chumer, M., Hiltz, R., Clasher, Robb, Alles, Michael, Vasarhelyi, M., Kogan, A. (2004)

Assuring Homeland Security:  Continuous Monitoring, Control and Assurance of Emergency Preparedness, Forthcoming special issue on Emergency Preparedness for JITTA, Volume 6, Number 3, 2004, pp. 1-24.

Turoff, M., Chumer, M., Van de Walle, B., Yao, X. (2004)

The Design of a Dynamic Emergency Response Management Information System (DERMIS), Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA), Volume 5, Number 4, Summer, 2004, pp. 1-36. A Chinese translation of the DERMIS article by Song Y., Yao, X., and Wang, M. (2008)

Murray Turoff, Starr Roxanne Hiltz, Hee-Kyung Cho, Zheng Li, Yuanqiong Wang (2002)

Social Decision Support Systems, 2002


Turoff, Murray (2000)

Managing a Large Distance Course Using Webboard, 2000. This Paper is taken, in part, from: Effectively Managing Large Enrollment Courses: A Case Study, Murray Turoff and Starr Roxanne Hiltz, IS Department, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Sloan ALN workshop 2000 (September Lake George, NY). To be published JALN (Asynchronous Learning Networks), http://www.aln.org.


Turoff, Murray (1999)

An End to Student Segregation: No More Separation Between Distance Learning and Regular Courses. A summary of the invited plenary for the Telelearning 99 meeting in Montreal, Canada, November, 1999. (Also: ppt presentation used in talk.)

Murray Turoff, Starr Roxanne Hiltz, Michael Bieber, Ajaz Rana (1998)

Collaborative Discourse Structures in Computer Mediated Group Communications, 1998

Murray Turoff (1998)       

Education, Commerce, and Communications: the Era of Competition, 1998

V. Balasubramanian and Murray Turoff (1997)

Supporting the User Interface Design Process with Hypertext Functionality, 1997

Turoff, Murray (1997)

Alternative Futures for Distance Learning: The Force and the Darkside, The material in this paper was utilized for an Invited Keynote Presentation at the UNESCO / OPEN UNIVERSITY International Colloquium, April 27-29: Virtual Learning Environments and the Role of the Teacher, Open University, Milton Keynes. It also forms the basis of a planned talk at the Third International ALN (Asynchronous Learning Networks) meeting in NY City, October, 1997. (Presentation Overheads for ALN conference, October, 1997, NYU)

Turoff, Jerry Fjermestad, Ajaz Rana, Michael Bieber, Roxanne Hiltz (1997)

Collaborative Hypermedia in Virtual Reality Systems, Proceedings Association for Information Systems 1997, Americas Conference, Indannapolis, Indiana, August 15-17, 1997 (Full proceeedings: http://hsb.baylor.edu/ramsower/ais.ac.97/program.html)

Turoff, Murray (1996)

Reflections on Collaborative Model Building, Short Paper prepared for the Workshop W9 Strategies for Collaborative Modeling and Simulation at CSCW 96, Boston, November 16.

Turoff, Murray (1996)

Costs for the Development of a Virtual University, invited paper for the Web based Teleteaching `96 which is a component of the IFIP's annual meeting in Australia. Discussion of paper is at the Virtual University Discussion.

Turoff, Murray, and Starr Roxanne Hiltz (1996)

 Computer Based Delphi Processes,a version will appear as an INVITED BOOK CHAPTER for Michael Adler and Erio Ziglio, editors., Gazing Into the Oracle: The Delphi Method and Its Application to Social Policy and Public Health, London, Kingsley Publishers (in press).

Turoff, Murray (1995)

Teaching Computer Systems Management (CIS 455) in the Virtual Classroom This is a report to the Sloan Foundation for their project to introduce a complete remote degree program (BAIS, Bachelors of Arts in Information Science) utilizing the Virtual Classroom technology developed at NJIT.

Turoff, Murray (1995)

A Marketplace Approach to the Information Highway, April, Boardwatch Magazine

Turoff, Murray (1995)

Designing a Virtual Classroom, Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Assisted Instruction (ICCAI'95), National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, March 7-10.

Turoff, Murray (1995)

Software Design and the Future of the Virtual Classroom, Journal of Information Technology for Teacher Education, Vol 4, No. 2, 1995

Turoff, Murray (1995)

The Marketplace Road to the Information Highway, Boardwatch Magazine, April, 1995.

Turoff, Murray, Starr Roxanne Hiltz and V.Balasubramanian (1994)

 The Human element in Collaborative Hypertext Short Workshop paper presented at the workshop on Collaborative Hypertext held at the CSCW 1994 meeting.

Starr Roxanne Hiltz and Turoff, Murray (1993)

 Video Plus Virtual Classroom for Distance Education: Experience with Graduate Courses Invited paper for Conference on Distance Education in DOD, 1993, National Defense University.

Turoff, Murray, and Starr Roxanne Hiltz (1992)

 A Normative View of Networking Applications,Prepared for workshop: Rights and Responsibilities of Participants in Networked Communities, Computer science and Telecommunications Board, National Research Council (NRC). November 5-6, 1992

Historical Papers:

The following are papers a decade or more old that I still occasionally get requests for. I am making them available here for interested parties.


Turoff, Murray (1991)

An Overview of Computer Mediated Communications

Transcript of an invited talk to the University of Victoria &, Simon Fraser University by Murray Turoff in 1991.This provides a very concise overview of the speaker's views on CMC systems.


Turoff, Murray, Rao, Usha, and Starr Roxanne Hiltz (1991)

Collaborative Hypertext in Computer Mediated Communications (.pdf)

Reprinted from Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 1991. Vol. IV, Hawaii, January 8-11, 1991.


Turoff, Murray (1991)

Computer-Mediated Communication Requirements for Group Support (.pdf)

Originally published in Journal of Organizational Computing, 1, 85-113 (1991).


Turoff, Murray (1989)

The Anatomy of a Computer Application Innovation:Computer Mediated Communications (CMC) (.pdf)

Originally published in Technological Forecasting and Social Change 36, 107-122, 1989.


Turoff, Murray (1985)

Information, Value, and the Internal Marketplace (.doc)

Published in Technological Forecasting and Social Change 27, 357-373, 1985.


Turoff, Murray and Starr Roxanne Hiltz (1982)

The Electronic Journal: A Progress Report

Originally published in Journal of The American Society For Information Science (ASIS), July 1982, Vol. 33, No. 4.  


Turoff, Murray and Starr Roxanne Hiltz (1977)

Meeting Through Your Computer (.pdf)

Originally published in IEEE Spectrum, May 1977.


Turoff, Murray and Mitroff, Ian I. (1975)

A Case Study of Assessment Applied to the "Cashless Society" Concept (.pdf)

Technological Forecasting and Social Change 7, 317-325 1975


Turoff, Murray (1975)

Computerized Conferencing for the Deaf and Handicapped (.pdf)

ACM SIGCAPH Newsletter,  Number 16, 1975, pp. 4 -11


Turoff, Murray (1974)

Computerized Conferencing for the Developing Countries (.pdf)

Published in Fields within Fields..., fall 1974, No. 13.


Turoff, Murray (1973)

Session on Views of the Future-- Chairman's Introduction-- Opposing Views (.pdf)

Reprinted from AFIPS-- Conference Proceedings, Volume 42.  


   In 1973 I was asked to organize a session on forecasting in the computer field at the AFIPS National Computer Conference and Exposition, June 4-8, 1973, NY, NY.

My introduction to the session was: "Opposing Views of the Future", which is a nice demonstration of using opposing scenarios to stimulate people to think about the future.  While there were many good papers there was one that in retrospect was an outstanding forecast and I have reproduced here:
C.A.R. Kagan, The home reckoner - A scenario on the home use of computers (.doc)

In 1973 Claude was right on with respect to what occurred in the 80's.
Claude was a research engineer at Western Electric who used his own PDP 10 as his own personal computer and did build internally one fo the first   operative Hypertext systems.  Unfortunately Claude never published much in the open literature but he was an early pioneer in the field.


Turoff, Murray (1972)

An Alternative Approach to Cross Impact Analysis (.pdf)

Originally published in Technological Forecasting and Social Change 3, 309-339, 1972.


Turoff, Murray (1972)

Delphi Conferencing: Computer-Based Conferencing with Anonymity (.pdf)

Originally published in Technological Forecasting and Social Change 3, 159-204, 1972.


Turoff, Murray (1971)

Delphi and its potential impact on information systems (.pdf) (.doc)

Originally published in AFIPS-- Conference Proceedings, Volume 39, 1971.


Administrative history of CCCC

Research History of the Computerised Conferencing and Communications Center which Dr. Turoff directed from 1974-1990.

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