An End to Student Segregation!


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Table of Contents

An End to Student Segregation!

Historical View I

Historical View II

Current Approach

Today’s Reality

The Right Questions

Subjective Evaluation

Observations on Learning I

Observation on Learning II

Objectives for Learning

Modes of Collaboration

Role of the Faculty

Role of the Technology I

Role of the Technology II

Role of the Technology III

Information Overload Reduction Technology

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PPT Slide

Argument Discourse Structure

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Asynchronous Opportunities

Major Challenges

Future Goals of Technology I

Future Goals of the Technology II

Observation on Technology



Learning Superconnectivity

Collaborative Knowledge Bases

Technology Conclusion

Dangers of Segregation

Alternative Futures: Positive

Alternative Futures: Negative

The Learning Marketplace

Predictions for the Future

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Author: Murray Turoff

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