IS447/IS732 Course Material

There are many kinds of windows:
A Help System message:                                                                                 

"Your message has NOT BEEN SENT.

The person you DIDN'T send it to will NOT be
told a message is waiting the next time they start
or finish a call to the HELP system.

                    Press 0 for HELP Main Menu"




Click the image for the sound (wav file) of the first interactive terminal!!  Set your sound level so it is difficult to think!!  It was all uppercase by the way.  It was called a "teletype" as it operated over normal telephone lines.  As you can see it also had paper tape that could be read or generated as a means of storage.  It was my first interactive terminal and at one point I had one at home as well as the office.

Syllabus  for this course

Draft Book Material for use in Course: The Design and Evaluation of Interactive Systems by Murray Turoff and Eileen Michie(copyrighted material available only by password and provied free to students in IS447 and IS732).

Sample Projects of IS 447 and IS 732

Morgan Benton's useful resources for IS 732

Illustrations  for this course

New  IS 447 / 732 Course Notes( Fall 1998 )
First Set:--( Download here: MSWORD DOC file (~100 kb) or  PowerPoint file (~600 kb) )
Contents: Five Subjects (181 slides)
Subject One: Fundamental Concepts, Observations and Problems (slide 4)
Subject Two: Dimensions of Interface Design (slide 35)
Subject Three: The Design Process (slide 55)
Subject Four: Protocol Analysis (slide 98)
Subject Five: Indexing & Searching (slide 131)

Second Set: --( Download here: MSWORD DOC file (~166 kb) or  PowerPoint file (~970 kb) )

Contents: Six Subjects ( 183 slides )
Subject One: Visibility (4)
Subject Two: Direct Manipulation (25)
Subject Three: Metaphors & Signs (39)
Subject Four: Typology & Symbols (66)
Subject Five: Color (121)
Subject Six: Proportions (169)
Third Set: --( Download here: MSWORD DOC file (~159 kb) or PowerPoint file (~975 kb))

Contents: Eight Subjects (259 slides)
Subject One: Writing & Composition (4)
Subject Two: User Mental Models (20)
Subject Three: Cognitive Considerations (47)
Subject Four: User and Task Properties (67)
Subject Five: Psychological Scales & Cognitive Style (94)
Subject Six: Group Collaboration & Composition (134)
Subject Seven: Computer Mediated Communications (169)
Subject Eight: Help & Documentation (194)

Old IS 447 / 732 Course Notes(overheads from videos)

First Set:--(Download here:  ps file, ppt file)

Background (1)
Dimensions of Design (9)
Evaluation (25)
Design Guidelines (38)
Folklore (49)
Protocol Analysis (61)
Guidelines (82)
Indexing (87)
User & Task Properties (114)
User Mental Models (134)
Cognitive Properties (181)
Second Set:--(Download ps file, ppt file)
Direct Manipulation (2)
Visibility (18)
User Characteristics (30)
Help (40)
Proportions (49)
Color (63)
Hypertext (79)
Computer Mediated Communications (97)
Future Research (151)
Design Notes Set--(Download ps file, ppt file)
Third Set: CMC--(Download ps file, ppt file)
Computer Mediated Communication(CMC)
CMC Design
Delphi Background & Design
Fourth Set: Color, Type, Illusions, Signs, and Proportions
Fifth Set: Collaborative Writing Considerations