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A Time when Art and Science were One

An Example of a Sign

Variations in Red

Variations in Yellow

Variations in White

Unpredictable Patterns

Manuscript Typology

Decorative Typology EF

Decorative Typology PQ

Modern Typology (message)

Modern Typology (decorative)

Forms in Nature

Garbage Can Model of Decision Making (picture conveys many words)

Violet / Yellow Contrast

Skull Symbol: On most early tombstones in New England (origin of poison symbol, now evolved to angels on tombstones). Symbols evolve over time.

General Purpose Bridge (cars, trucks, & people)

Reduced Bridge (4WD & People)

People Bridge (two rail)

People Bridge (repaired)

People Bridge (one rail)

People Bridge (wider, no rail)

People Bridge (no rail)

People Bridge: Minimalist Design

Author: Murray Turoff


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