Usman Roshan
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Director of Data Science
MS Data Science degree requirements (last updated 01/19/2019)
MS Data Science admission requirements
Director of Bioinformatics
Ph.D. Computer Science, The University of Texas at Austin, Advisor: Tandy Warnow

Office: GITC 4214B
Mailing address: Department of Computer Science, NJIT, GITC 4100, University Heights, Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: 973-596-2872 (office)
Fax: 973-596-5777 (fax)

Best way to reach me:

Bioinformatics: sequence alignment, evolutionary tree reconstruction, genome-wide association studies, disease risk prediction, GPU solutions
Computer science: data science, machine learning

Research projects: I am looking for students with strong programming skills to work on the following projects. These projects involve large datasets, Python and C programming, parallel programming on CPUs and GPUs, and would lead to a Masters or PhD thesis. Publications

CV (last updated 01/19/2019)

Software and benchmarks
Current students
Previous students
  • Paul Melman, MS thesis advisor, 2017
  • Ling Zhong, PhD thesis advisor, 2017
  • Pranitha Andalam, MS thesis advisor, 2016 (first position at Xilinx, Colorado)
  • Nandini Ghosh, MS thesis advisor, 2015
  • Nihir Patel, MS thesis advisor, 2014 (first position at Mt. Sinai Hospital)
  • Wei Wang, PhD committee member 2014, (first position as data scientist in industry)
  • Bharati Jhadav, MS thesis advisor, 2014, (first position at Mt. Sinai Hospital)
  • Harishitha Damerla, MS project advisor, 2013
  • Amiel Meiseles, MS project advisor, 2013
  • Srividya Ramakrishnan, MS thesis advisor, 2013 (first position at Cold Spring Harbor Lab)
  • Shuo Chen, PhD committee member, 2012
  • Andrew Roberts, MS thesis advisor, 2012 (Merck)
  • Meera Prasad, MS thesis advisor, 2011 (first position at NYU Langone Medical Center)
  • Seif Shahidain, MS thesis advisor, 2011 (first position at NIH)
  • Satish Chikkagoudar, PhD thesis advisor, 2010 (first position as postdoc at UPenn, second position as scientist at Pacific Northwest National Lab)
  • Tao Wu, PhD committee member, 2010 (first position at Microsoft)
  • Suresh Solaimuthu, PhD committee member, 2010 (first position at UBS)
  • Paras Garg, MS thesis, 2010 (first position as bioinformatics researcher at Mount Sinai Hospital)
Some students from the bioinformatics program
  • Xiao Ling, MS Bioinformatics 2013 (first position as bioinformatician at Yale University School of Medicine)
  • Jharna Miya, MS Bioinformatics 2013 (first position as bioinformatics analyst at Comprehensive Cancer Center, Ohio State University)
  • Hajira Naqvi, MS Bioinformatics 2013 (Memorial Sloan Kettering)
  • Sagar Changawalla, BS Bioinformatics 2011 (first position at Cornell)
  • Aparna Agrawal, MS Bioinformatics 2009 (first position at Roche)
  • Wasay Hussain, BS and MS Bioinformatics 2009 (first position as bioinformatics researcher at Cornell)
  • Monika Bihan, MS Bioinformatics 2008 (first position as bioinformatics engineer at J. Craig Venture Institute)
  • Chen Hao, School of Computer Science and Technology, Xi'an University of Posts & Telecommunication (2017-2018)