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David W. Washington, Ph.D., P.E.           


Dual Appointed with Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Engineering Technology Dept.


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  Tau Alpha Pi at NJIT Transportation Construction Engineering and Management Master Business Administration Masters in Management


                     Washington, D.W., Rodriguez Daniel,  and Ogunro, V, (2005) An Effective Approach To Rehabilitate Damaged

                     Barrier System Against Piping and Contaminant Flow-Inceed 2005 Conference - Charlotte, North

                     Carolina July 24th  - July 30th, paper accepted on CD and presented by Dr. Ogunro


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        Waterbury Dam’s Seepage Control Components by Innovative Schemes “, United States Society

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                    Diversified Majors”, Innovations in Teaching and Learning, funded in part by NSF Gateway Coalition,

                    April 12th, 2002.  


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Puppala S. , Washington D.W., and Schuring J. (1998) "An Approach for Modeling Pnuematic Fracture Propagation and the Distribution of Injected Amendments"- 4th International Symposium on Environmental Geotechnology and Global Sustainable Development,Danvers, Massachusetts,August 9-13 

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