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Statistics Seminar Series - Spring 2013

All seminars are held on Thursday from 4:00 to 5:00 pm in Cullimore 611 (Math Conference Room), unless noted otherwise. Refreshments are usually served at 3:30 pm and talks start at 4:00 pm. For questions about the seminar schedule, please contact Wenge Guo. For questions about a particular seminar, please contact the person hosting the speaker.



Speaker and Title


Jan. 30

(Wednesday, 2:30 pm)

Biao Zhang, The University of Toledo

Semiparametric ROC Curve Analysis under Density Ratio Models

Ji Meng Loh

Jan. 31

(Cullimore 111)

Dylan Small, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Case Definition and Design Sensitivity in Case Control Studies

Sunil Dhar

Feb. 6 (Wednesday, 2:30 pm)

Antai Wang, Columbia University

Goodness of Fit Tests for Archimedean Copula Models

Sunil Dhar

Feb. 13

(Wednesday, 11:30 am, Cullimore Lecture Hall 2)

Ning Hao, University of Arizona

Identify Interactions for High Dimensional Data

 Ari Jain

Feb. 20

Xu Han, Temple University

False discovery control under arbitrary dependence

Wenge Guo

Feb. 27 (Wednesday, 2:30 pm, Cullimore 111)

Jin Liu, Yale University

Integrative Analysis of Prognosis Data on Multiple Cancer Subtypes Using Compound Group Bridge

Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou

Apr. 11

(Cullimore Lecture Hall 2)

Gavin Lynch, NJIT

On Procedures Controlling the FDR for Testing Hierarchically Ordered Hypotheses

Wenge Guo

Apr. 17

(Wednesday, Cullimore 110)

Jichun Xie, Temple University

Optimal High Dimensional Multiple Testing Under Linear Models

Wenge Guo

Apr.  25

Mike Tortorella, Rutgers University

Flows in Networks with Unreliable Elements

 Ari Jain


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