PhD    California Institute of Technology    1993

MS     Seoul National University               1986

BS      Seoul National University               1984    


Professor                           New Jersey Institute of Technology               2009-Present

Associate Professor            New Jersey Institute of Technology               2005-2009

Assistant Professor             University of Michigan                                 2001-2005

Technical Staff Member     Los Alamos National Laboratory                  1998-2001

Postdoctoral Associate       Los Alamos National Laboratory                  1994-1997

Visiting professor                   Pusan National University                               2015 (May-July)

Visiting professor (BP)            KAIST                                                            2014-2015

Visiting Professor (WCU)        Korea Adv. Inst. of Sci. and Tech. (KAIST)       2009-2013

Visiting Professor                   Tokyo University                                             2012 (June-Aug.)

Visiting Associate Professor    University of Michigan                                    2005-2006


National Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Korea, Aug. 2015 & Aug. 2016

Seoul National University, Korea, April 2015 & Aug. 2016

Yonsei University, Korea, Aug. 2016

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, April 2015 & July 2016

Waseda University, Japan, May 2016

Loughborough University, UK, Mar. 2016



Department of Mathematical Sciences

Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Newark, NJ 07102-1982

Office: Cullimore 602

Telephone: 973-642-7979

Fax: 973-596-5591


Wooyoung Choi