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Bench Top Reactor & Continuous Flow Tubular Reactor System
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4561 Mini Bench Top Reactor (300mL)
It is made in moveable vessel style with a flat, PTFE gasket for higher temperatures up to 350 °C sealed with six cap screws in a split-ring cover clamp. The support system for these Mini Reactors is designed specifically to provide stability at stirring speeds up to 1700 rpm, in a compact mounting small enough to fit into a laboratory hood. The support system can also be adapted to accept any of the smaller vessels from the 4590 Micro Reactor Series.

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Continuous Flow Tubular Reactor System
Tubular reactors are always used in a continuous flow mode with reagents flowing in and products being removed.

Three reactant gas feed lines and one purge gas line, two includes a shut-off valve, filter, Mass Flow Controller (MFC), bypass valve, and reverse-flow check valve.

One Liquid Feed, includes a filtered inlet line, Digital High Pressure Liquid Metering Pump (2500 psi), and reverse-flow check valve.

High Pressure Separator, includes a stainless steel vessel with 450 ml capacity that is equipped with manual drain valve and pressure relief valve set for 1450 psi . Incoming fluids pass through a water-cooled heat exchanger. A Back Pressure Regulator (BPR) provides for controlled release of gases from above Separator. This manual, spring-loaded, regulator maintains reactor pressures up to 1450 psi.

Reactor temperature is controlled via Model 4838 Controller equipped with a panel meter for display of internal temperature. A second chassis is included to provide control and display of the gas flow rate. The liquid flow rate is changed using the face plate of the pump. Pressure is read on the inlet gage and is changed by rotating the hand knob on the BPR.

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