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NJIT Applied Mathematics Colloquium - Spring 2014

Colloquia are held on Fridays at 11:30 a.m. in Cullimore Lecture Hall II, unless noted otherwise. Refreshments are served at 11:30 am. For questions about the seminar schedule, please contact Yuan-Nan Young.

Date Speaker and Title Host
January 24 Prashant Purohit, University of Pennsylvania
Role of Thermal Flucutations in Supercoiled DNA and Filament Networks
Yuan-Nan Young
January 31 Cedric Beaume, University of California, Berkeley
Spatial localization in three-dimensional doubly diffusive convection
Lou Kondic
February 7 Alan Newell, University of Arizona
Phyllotaxis, pushed pattern fronts and optimal packing
Roy Goodman
February 14 Li-Shi Luo, Old Dominion University
Kinetic Methods for CFD
Shidong Jiang
February 21 Paul So, George Mason University
Complex collective dynamics in networks of phase oscillators
Amit Bose
February 28 Michel Boufadel
Fate and Transport of Chemicals from the Micron-scale to the Kilometer Scale
Michael Siegel
March 7 Silas Alben, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Optimizing snake locomotion in the plane
Yuan-Nan Young
March 14 Tsorng-Whay Pan, University of Houston
On the motion of a red blood cell in bounded Poiseuille flow
Michael Siegel
March 28 Christian Genest, McGill University, Canada
Tests of independence for sparse contingency tables and beyond
Antai Wang
April 4 David Christini, Cornell University
Multiscale approach to illuminating the mechanisms of, and guiding therapy for, atrial fibrillation
Casey Diekman
April 11 Zhilin Li, North Carolina State University
A class of Cartesian methods: Augmented Immersed Interface Method and Applicaitons
Michael Siegel
April 25 Shyamal Peddada, NIH/NIEHS
Test for multivariate stochastic order among ordered experimental groups
Wenge Guo
May 2 Cyrill B. Muratov, NJIT
Winding domain walls in thin ferromagnets film
Yuan-Nan Young

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