Fluid Dynamics Seminar Series

Department of Mathematical Sciences,
Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics,
Department of Mechanical Engineering

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Fall 2006

Seminars are held on Mondays at 4:15 p.m. in 611 Cullimore Hall, unless noted otherwise.  Faculty are encouraged to bring students as most of the seminars will include a short introduction at the beginning. For questions about the seminar schedule, please contact Yuan-Nan Young (yyoung@oak.njit.edu). 


Speaker and title

August 28th

Linda Cumming, University of Nottingham, UK
Title: "Lipid raft" formation: Experiments and mathematical modelling (abstract)
Mike Siegel

September 18th

Boguk Kim, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NJIT
Title: On the two-dimensional (2D) Benjamin model equation (abstract)
Wooyoung Choi

October 9th

Mike Siegel, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NJIT
Title: Calculation of complex singular solutions to the 3D incompressible Euler equations (abstract)
Yuan Young

October 23rd

Silas Alben, DEAS, Harvard University
Title: Fin ray design and use in fish swimming (abstract)
Yuan Young

October 30th

Jerry Shan, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, Rutgers University
Title: Structure, Rheology, and Thermal Conductivity of Nanotube and Nanoparticle Suspensions under Electric/Magnetic Fields (abstract)
Yuan Young

November 6th

Yongsam Kim, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University
Title: Vortex-Induced Vibrations by the Immersed Boundary Method (abstract)
Yuan Young

November 13th

Arnauld Goullet, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NJIT
Title: Chaotic advection and control for mixing purposes in laminar flows (abstract)
Demetrius Papageorgiou

November 27th

Stefan Maehlmann, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NJIT
Title: Numerical Simulation of Disturbance Waves in Supersonic Flow Over a Blunt Flat Plate (abstract)
Demetrius Papageorgiou

December 4th

David Hu, AML, Courant Institute, NYU
Title: The Mechanics of Slithering (abstract)
Yuan Young

December 13th

Ehud Yariv, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technion, Israel
Title: On the paradox of thermocapillary flow about a stationary bubble (abstract)
Horacio Rotstein