Fluid Dynamics Seminar Series

Department of Mathematical Sciences,
Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics,
Department of Mechanical Engineering

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Spring 2009

Seminars are held on Mondays at 4:00 p.m. in 611 Cullimore Hall, unless noted otherwise.  Faculty are encouraged to bring students as most of the seminars will include a short introduction at the beginning. For questions about the seminar schedule, please contact Yuan-Nan Young (yyoung@oak.njit.edu). 


Speaker and title

Feb 9

Leo Espin, Dept. of Math. Sciences, New Jersey Inst. of Technology
Title: Accelerating wall flows: A comparison between exact solutions and Navier-Stokes computations in bounded domains. (abstract)

March 30

Shomeek Smukhopadhyay CCNY, City University of New York
Title: Dynamics of Circular Contact Lines (abstract)
Lou Kondic

March 9

Tai-Hsi, Fan, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut
Title: Hydrodynamic Interactions between Colloids in Nonadsorbing Polymer Solutions (abstract)

April 13

Biyue Liu, Department of Mathematics, Monmouth University
Title: Computer Simulations of Blood Flows in Atherosclerotic Arteries (abstract)
Mike Booty

April 20

David Ambrose, Department of Mathematics, Drexel University
Title: Two Problems in Interfacial Fluid Dynamics (abstract)
Mike Siegel

April 27

Kuan Xu, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NJIT
Title: The evolution of a two-dimensional Cartesian drop in an imposed linear flow: The influence of surfactant and surfactant solubility (abstract)