Weekly CAST-USA/Huaxia Ski Club


Please email castski04@yahoo.com for any questions.

1. For those whose email addresses are not in the list yet, please clearly state if you want

      us to do so.

2. For those who already paid their 2013 membership fee and are willing to

      receive CAST-USA information, please go to http://www.castusa.org/ to

      fill the membership form.

3. We will IGNORE any advance reservation for those future trips before we officially

      email to you early at that planned week. Note that if the weather happens

      to be non-cooperative, we will cancel it. This plan should serve for your reference only.

4. For those members who reserve tickets, please note that the member rates apply to

      your direct family members ONLY. Please indicate how many non-members you

      have in your order in advance to avoid any embarrassment.

5.   The confirmed list will be posted/ updated in the same website at 11pm, Fri. and Sat.

6.   By making reservation with us, you explicitly agree that your reserved party agrees to

      release and not sue the organizers from all liability for injury, death,  property loss

      and damage which may result from your participation in the organized event.





Dec. 30, 2012, Jack Frost, PA

Others: TBD


Frequently asked questions:

Q1: How to handle very cold weather (below 32oF  and windy)?

Please make sure that you dress yourself such that

your body has 4-5 layer of clothes. Bring an extra

set. Each layer may be thin. Remember that

the number of layers matters the most.

If you do not take many lifts (beginners), you may

not need that many layers. This is true esp. for kids.

Ski socks (some may be very expensive-COSTCO have

good deals) can help you.


Q2: How to improve your ski skills?

Please take a learning lesson that offers different

level skiers (even expert ones) different skills.

Private lessons are expensive but may be a good choice

if you want to receive breakthrough progress.

Skiing together with your peers and slightly

higher-level skiers will not only help you in

your skills but also make your ski more fun.


Q3: Can my kids ski with KA/KP packages other than their lesson time?       

Yes. They can take out or keep their rentals to ski until it is closed.

This program applies to kids from 3 to 8. For those with age >9, please

Take adultsŐ lesson. All kids with age >9 should buy adult tickets.

This applies to Jack Frost and Big Boulder only.


Q4: What do I need to bring as first-time skier?

Gloves, goggles (if sunshine is bright), and sun-blocking lotion.

Extra clothes are desired. Special ski pan/cloths are not required.

At least three layers are needed for cold weather. Please see Q1.

 Mittens are better than gloves if you have.


Q5: PresidentŐs Long weekend Trip:

What is the probability of running into a bad weather at this time of the year there? 

Is there a way to cancel both the lodging and ski if the weather is non-cooperative?


Ski part can be cancelled with no problem.

Lodging part may be given some alternative dates but no money back.

The possibility for snow storm is difficult to predict

-but the chance to get rain is tiny (that would be really bad).

Snow storm will make roads terrible but ski really great.