CAPPL Research Facilities

o    High-Performance PC Clusters

         Rack-type PC cluster containing 17 dual-processor nodes

         PC cluster containing 9 dual-processor nodes


o    High-Performance FPGA-based Systems

         SRC Computers NGM MAPstation system containing a dual microprocessor board and 2 FPGAs

         Star Bridge Systems FPGA-based board containing 11 FPGAs

         Annapolis Micro Systems board containing 3 FPGAs


o    Other FPGA Development Boards

         Virtex-5 FPGA evaluation boards from Xilinx

         Xilinx ML501 FPGA boards

         Xilinx ML300 FPGA boards

         DIGILAB-Atlys FPGA boards

         Amirix 1000 FPGA board

         Altera SOPCs (System-On-a-Programmable-Chips) with FPGAs

         Altera Nios FPGA boards


o    Other High-Performance Boards

         IBM Cell processor development board (with scalar & SIMD units).

         PowerPC evaluation board


o    Miscellaneous Systems

         Many Sun workstations

         Many PCs

Major Activities