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Teaching and education have been in my family for about 200 years. My great-great grandfather taught Greek and Latin in Italy, my grandmother grew up in the first academic girl’s school in Italy (her mother ran it) and graduated from the University of Florence in the early 1900s. My mother taught high-school French and later worked in post-secondary accreditation for the New York State Department of Education. My father, a forester, taught for SUNY during the summers in Pack Forest. My godfather, Winsor Lott, was the Director of Testing for the New York Board of Regents. I first taught in church school when I was eleven and taught in the one-on-one reading program in high school. Now I teach technical communication, oral presentation, art and misc. at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

My research is interdisciplinary. I analyzed the changes in technical communication in one company across time in The Language of Work and in several articles. I have published articles on writing assessment, the history of visual communication, education and competitive parallel parking. My most recent scholarly interest is the history of shorthand.



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