Dr. Carol Siri Johnson

Department of Humanities, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Professor Johnson


Originally from upstate New York, I graduated from Mount Holyoke College and the City University of New York Graduate Center. What can you say about yourself without revealing too much? My main goal in life is to leave the world a slightly better place. And, OK, Iím a world-class parallel parker.

English 340 - Oral Presentations

Teaching - Eng 340, Oral Presentations

Presently I am teaching Eng 340, Oral Presentations, at NJIT. Teaching has been in my family for about 200 years. My great-great grandfather taught Greek and Latin, my grandmother graduated from the University of Florence, my mother taught high-school French and my father taught forestry. I first taught at age eleven and have been teaching, one way or another, ever since.

Justice John Hyde

Hyde Project

The Judicial Notebooks of John Hyde and Sir Robert Chambers, 1774-1798, are 72 volumes (18 reels of microfilm) posted on a website database for scholarly use. The project was begun in 2015 and is almost complete. The link to browse the notebooks is http://hydebooks.njit.edu/browse.php. It's not quite finished - students are currently working on the project - so you may see it change.

Research Projects


My research is interdisciplinary. My most recent scholarly interest is the Hyde Project and the history of shorthand. For tenure, I analyzed the changes in technical communication over time in The Language of Work and many articles. I have also written about the history of the iron industry, the history of visual communication and writing assessment.



Link to a list of my publications. From 2011 to 2014 I was the Chair of the Department of Humanities. After that I undertook two very large, long-term research projects (the Hyde Project and the history of shorthand) which are not yet complete.



This space is for miscellaneous things I find of interest and pictures. To the left is Don Quixote, definately one of the best books ever written.