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Teaching has been in my family for about 200 years. My great-great grandfather taught Greek and Latin in Italy, my grandmother was brought up in the first all-girl’s school in Italy that was not primarily Catholic (her mother taught there) and she graduated from the University of Florence at a time when few women attended college. My mother taught high-school French and my father, a forester, taught summer sessions for SUNY Forestry. Later my mother worked in post-secondary accreditation in the New York State Department of Education. I first taught in Sunday school when I was eleven and in high school I taught in the one-on-one reading program. Now I teach technical communication and oral presentations at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

My research is interdisciplinary. For tenure, I analyzed the changes in technical communication at one company over time in The Language of Work and other articles. I have published articles about the history of the iron industry (with a focus on New Jersey), the history of visual communication and writing assessment and education. My most recent scholarly interest is the history of shorthand. While studying this topic, I have come across old shorthand documents and so I decipher those as well.

English Shorthand, 1600-1800

Recently I gave a talk on the process of deciphering the shorthand of Justice John Hyde on the first Supreme Court in Calcutta, at the dawn of the British Empire (18th century). That talk is Shorthand: a Key to New Historical Evidence. More information is at my shorthand research page.

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