Dr. Eric S. Fortune, PhD
  Department of Biological Sciences
  New Jersey Institute of Technology
  Newark, NJ 07102-1982 USA
  Tel: +1 443 312 9610, FAX: +1 973 596 5689
  e-mail: eric.fortune@njit.edu

Research program: electric fish
Research program: songbirds

Students in my laboratory study the interactions between sensory and motor systems that are used to generate and control animal behavior.

Experiments in the lab focus on two main questions:

  1. How are the rules for social interaction between conspecifics encoded in the brain?

  2. How are sensory representations of movement encoded by sensory systems and translated into motor commands?
We use methodologies that cross levels of biological organization from the computational consequences of transmembrane molecules to the behavior of multispecies flocks.

Our work includes field studies of natural behavior in Amazon basin habitats, highly-controlled behavioral studies in the laboratory, a variety of neurophysiological approaches including intracellular recordings of CNS neurons in behaving animals, pharmachological studies, and mathematical modeling.

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