pressAgain (Free Dogma Press, 2014)

Funk's SoundBox: version archival (various programs, 2014)

VORTEX III or IV (IV) (GTR Language Workbench, 2014)

Calls (Word, Flash, 2014)

Playing Jackson Mac Low's Piano (various programs, 2013)

Funk's SoundBox 2012 (various programs, 2013)

Sentences / part two (Flash, 2013)

Live Writing (Word, 2012)

Exit Ducky (Word,, with Sonny Rae Tempest, 2012)

Spellbinder Jettison Mojo (Flash, 2012)

Three animations, Leap Second Festival (Flash, 2012)


installation/performance (MIDIPoet, with Amy Hufnagel & Sophia Sobers, Brown University, 2012)


Sondheim Archives: Session with Chris Funkhouser and Chris Diasparra (March 2012)

Somewhere & Continuing (GTR Language Workbench, Altered Scale 1, 2012)

Sondheim Archives: Playing Together (January 24, 2012)

Foreword (GTR Language Workbench, Gnoetry Daily Vol. 1, 2011)

Sunflowers on Quaker Church Road (Flash, with Amy Hufnagel, The New River, 2011)

We Sting House (Flash, Mad Hatters' Review 12, 2011)

Epoetry (MIDIPoet, with grope uSurp*, 2011)


Electro Þerdix (GTR Language Workbench, PyProse, Amherst, MA: Least Weasel, 2011)

Four poems (GTR Language Workbench, SpringGun Press 5 | Ebook, 2011)

Freeholderville (GTR Language Workbench, 2011)

Overpriced (Internet Anagram Server, EOAGH 6, 2011)

Grammar Girl (Flarf, with Amy Hufnagel,Trickhouse, 2010)

Thank You… (Flarf, with Amy Hufnagel, Drunken Boat 12, 2010)

ELO Song (MIDIPoet, ELO-AI, Brown University, 2010)


If excessive continent... (Flash, 2010)

textoftheday residency (PyProse, Photoshop, with Zsuzsa Mitro, March 2010)

Babel Fan Raft (Flash, with Tupã Guaraná*, Banff Art Centre, 2010)

Norway Delicate (Flash, 2009)

3 for Obama (Flash, commissioned by the Associated Press, 2009)

Brewing Luminous (Flash, 2009)

Bowery Poetry Club (Flash, commissioned by Bowery Poetry Club, 2008)

Tea of three brews (Flash, Trickhouse, 2008)

book review: not a b (pdp remix) (Flash, Trickhouse 1, 2008)

Enjoy the Ride (excerpt) (with Alireza Khatami & Orquestra Descarrego*, 2007)


e Ernesto (Flash, 2007)

hidden messages (Flash, 2007)

Aleatory Constellation (Flash, 2007)


Selections 2.0 (2006)

online writing/publications





grope uSurp (Buffalo, 2011): Lucio Agra, John Cayley, Stephen Cope, Chris Funkhouser, Andrew Klobucar, and Eugenio Tisselli

Tupã Guaraná: Marcus Salgado, Ricardo Lira

Orquestra Descarrego (São Paulo, 2007): Lucio Agra, Chris Funkhouser, Paulo Hartmann, Denis Koishi, Marcel Rocha, Marco Scarassatti, Giulinano Tosin