Chris Funkhouser: Online publications (selected)

link to site; includes: "Being Matter Ignited: An Interview with Cecil Taylor", "On The Cricket: An Interview with Amiri Baraka", and various other articles/works.

"Midiazine Research Performance ELO 2018/Eastern Bloc, Montreal, August 15"
2018 Electronic Literature Organization conference proceedings, 2020

Funk's SoundBox: version archival
selected recordings 1985-2019

George Quasha PennSound archive (producer)
PennSound, 2019

Being matter recorded
Jacket2, 2017

Charles O. Hartman in conversation with Chris Funkhouser
Utsanga, 2017

“IBM Poetry: Exploring Restriction in Computer Poems”
Humanities, 2017

Shy nag (a code opera): ACT II (co-author, with Sonny Rae Tempest)
Cordite Poetry Review, 2016

Shy nag: Second Staging, Bergen 2015”
Hyperrhiz 14, 2016

Whereis Mineral: Selected Adventures in MOO
Gauss PDF, 2015

"Robert Kelly"
Robert Kelly Festschrift, 2015

Poetry Is (Speaking Portraits) interview (with George Quasha)
Vol. II, 2015

Subsoil Lutes
Beard of Bees, 2014

in audio practice (Commentaries)
Jacket2, 2014

Digital Poetry: Written by People or Computers?
WCAI Interview, 2013

Playing Jackson Mac Low's Piano
Truck, 2013

"Sentences / part two"
Cordite Poetry Review, 2013

"The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008" (Crag Hill and Nico Vassilakis)
Rain Taxi Review of Books, 2013

“Live Writing”
Truck, 2012

“Picture Becomes Text, Becomes Writing: Software as Interlocutor" (with Sonny Rae Tempest)
Cordite Poetry Review, 2012

video interview
Conversations with poets about technology (CAPTA #2, 2012)

recordings (audio and video)
Altered Scale 1 (2012)

review of Digital Art and Meaning (Roberto Simanowski)
Rain Taxi (2012)

Gnoetry Daily Volume 1 (2011)

"The Electronic Manuscript"
Authoring Software (2011)

"Prefacing a new book on E-Poetry"
Jacket 2 (2011)

"On Jackson Mac Low, Stanzas for Iris Lezak"
Jacket 2 (2011)

"Bringing Harry Mathews to PennSound (and you)"
Jacket 2 (2011)

Newark Review 3.0 (2011)

"Mac Low as a Shadow Beatnik: A Reading of Stanzas for Iris Lezak"
Poetry in 1960 (text is forthcoming in Jacket2, 2011)

"trained listener (PoemTalk #35): Bruce Andrews, Moebius" (with Sarah Dowling, Tan Lin, Al Filreis)
podcast series sponsored by the Poetry Foundation, Kelly Writers House, & PennSound

contributor to Blurb (Tan Lin)
Edit Publications, 2010 [.pdf available for download]

"MIDIPoetry Songs"
Authoring Software (2010)

Grammar Girl
Trickhouse (made with Amy Hufnagel, 2010)

"On using tools made by comrades"
Netartery: a synthesis of art & ideas (2010)

"Presents: Maria Damon’s textile styling"
Jacket 37 (2009)

"Bionanomedia Expression"
Postmodern Culture 18.3

"Digital Poetry: A Look at Generative, Visual, and Interconnected Possibilities in its First Four Decades"
A Companion to Digital Literary Studies (ed. by Siemens and Schreibman)

"book review: not a b (pdp remix)"
Trickhouse 1 (2008)

"IBM Poetry: Exploring Restriction in Computer Poems"
MACHINE Series, Kelly Writers House, U of Penn

"Electronic Literature circa WWW (and Before)"
Electronic Book Review (2007)

"Augusto de Campos, Digital Poetry, and the Anthropophagic Imperative"
Ciberletras (2007)

"Christopher Funkhouser"
poem by David Daniels, featured in HUMANS

"foracity" and "caprice says..." (see semantic fields memory)
[R-] [R-] [F-] Festival (Germany, 2003)

“LeRoi Jones, Larry Neal, and The Cricket: Jazz and Poets’ Black Fire”
African American Review Vol. 37, Nos. 2-3 (2003)

"Bridge Work: V: WaveSon.nets/Losing L'una"
Electronic Book Review/American Book Review (2003)

Interview with Chris Funkhouser
CONCINNITAS: Revista do Instituto de Artes da UERJ (2003), Interview by Jorge Luiz Antonio

"Net time eyebeam: stretching corporeal conduction"
SIGWeb Newsletter (1999)

“Layered Effects in Multiplex Poetry Since Black Mountain”
Transmissions: The Museum of American Poetics (1996)

A Conversation with Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris"

"'The House of Poetry...': Recent Noticings"


"Interview with Nathaniel Mackey"

We Press (2004)

Hurl But Jam (Purkinge)

Newark Review

Descriptions of an Imaginary Universe (Webmaster, 2000-2007)


We Press

Electronic Poetry Center (Author page)





Purkinge was a poetry performance ensemble that I co-founded with Belle Gironda, Sandy Baldwin and Eric Douglas at SUNY-Albany in the 1990's.