caprice says . . .


(An excerpt from Whereis Mineral: Adventures in MOO)


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caprice says, "is that a proposition, Vortex?"

ajia says, "caprice likes to drink"

Dred points to hapless victims, "Let loose the raging hormones from hell!"

The waitress finishes writing down Dred's order and disappears into the crowd.

caprice winks at vortex.

caprice grins at Dred.

emote blows kisses











































Vortex blows kisses

caprice smiles coyly.

The waitress comes out of the crowd, and carefully sets down a rum and coke in front of Dred, who promptly pays for it.

The waitress disappears into the crowd, again.

Dred drinks some rum and coke.

Dred <-getting drunk slowly.

The DJ makes a smooth transition from Violent Femmes into a song by The B-52's.

You say, "I'm gonna get some laudanum back at my place, I'll be back in a minute"

You click your heels three times.












































press drink











































Computer says, "What kind of drink could i get you?"
[Type a line of input or `@abort' to abort the command.]

You say, “laudanum”

You hear a humming and a drink appears out of nowhere.

whereis ajia

ajia (#41630) is in Club Dred (#50590).

@go #50590









































A bouncer comes up to you and says, "Hey! Think you can crash the Club without paying, eh? Don't think so! Try using the door."

The Corner of Main Street and Queens Boulevard

A strange force deflects you from the destination.









































You go stand in line for a while, and eventually make it up to the door. A bouncer checks your id, and looks at you. He hmmms, and says "Alright, go on".

Club Dred

ajia, caprice, and Dred are here.

After the bouncer, you meet a man who looks at the stamp on your hand, and waves you in.

Dred says, "Laundry, I think."

ajia says, "I wouldn't recommend him"

caprice hugs you.

You say, "OOO. Thanks!"

caprice says, "why not?"

You say, "Why not..."

look vortex











































poet boy who grew up on the beach, poem in head

It is awake and looks alert.
plastic, unbreakable cup of laudanum

Dred drinks some rum and coke.

Dred laughs.

emote drinks laudanum











































Dred says, "Check this out:"

caprice drinks some daquiri.

Dred | @with booga

Vortex drinks laudanum

caprice checks Dred out.

look dred








































You search the shadows in the place where you think he might be. Then, you find a vague shape which must be him. He senses your gaze, and steps out of the darkness. You see a medium sized man with long black hair which sways gently in the breeze. You can't see much more of him as he is covered with a black cloak, swirling about him in a dramatic manner, and a black fedora pulled low. But you do see his eyes: you must turn away from that gaze, which seems to pierce you right to your innermost soul.
He proudly displays Dred's Official Helpful Person Badge. He proudly displays Dred's Official Sick's Fan Club Presidential Badge
He is awake and looks alert.
sai named "Mind" katana named "Sky"
suit of chainmail staff named "Jijm"
leather jacket broadsword named "Plexm"
vambraces greaves
skull-cap The Dred Case
kite shield glass of rum and coke

ajia says, "what Dred?"


@with booga







































Booga (#634) is at The Living Room (#17) with
Zippy'sPiercedNipple (#47551)
Morpheus (#2957)
Bane (#50064)
Quantum-Vacuum (#53118)
Hagbard (#36271)
Eris (#24929)

ajia says, "what about it?"

Dred says, "The char, Zippy'sPiercedNipple."

Dred hehs.

You say, "whereis eris"

Dred thought it funny.

caprice says, "oh dear."

A chugging contest breaks out near the bar! "Chug!" "Chug!" "Chug!"

The DJ honors a request. He makes a smooth transition from The B-52's into a song by Dead Can Dance - Cantara.

caprice winks at you.

Dred wonders how Zippy is doing with the new piercing.

emote chuckles










































Vortex chuckles

ajia says, "he's probably rife with infection"

Dred [to ajia]: Probably.

caprice says, "who is Zippy?"

You say, "Any of you know about the Bovine Illuminati?"

Dred [to Vortex]: Some, what do you want to know?

caprice says, "I know lots of things, but I dont think I've ever done cows."

Dred [to caprice]: A char. He's funny. Somewhat strange, but aren't we all.

You say, "Well, I know their initiation spot is near where I live now, at gam-bit's, not much else..."

caprice whispers, "So do you like having your thighs licked by horny girls?"

You say, "[to dred] what do you know?"

caprice smiles.

whisper caprice "yes"









































I don't understand that.

You say, "Yes???"

Abigail hums as she passes by the tables.

The DJ decides to go metal! He makes a smooth transition from Dead Can Dance - Cantara into a song by Candlemass.

Dred [to Vortex]: Well, go to the atrium Go north, get accepted. Then go east from the atrium. The library with instructions is north.

caprice smiles at you.

emote smiles caprice

Vortex smiles caprice










































emote winks caprice

Vortex winks caprice

ajia eyes caprice warily.

look caprice










































...hormones from hell.
She is awake and looks alert.
glass of daquiri

caprice says, "what a forward young man, you are, Vortex."

emote eyes ajia warily










































Vortex eyes ajia warily

caprice smirks.

You say, "I don't know how to whisper, my dear"

You say, "And who's to say I'm really a boy?"

ajia LOL

caprice says, "that's ok...we're all friends."





















Chris Funkhouser 2003