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1/20/2020: Congratulations to Nick and Chris on their new paper, which came out in Energy & Fuels today! The work "Compressibility of Supercritical Methane in Nanopores: a Molecular Simulations Study" shows that the effect of confinement on compressibility of supercritical fluid is much stronger than on subcritical.
The PDF is available at DOI: 10.1021/acs.energyfuels.9b03592

1/16/2020: Gennady visited two leading universities in Moscow. He attended a Workshop at SkolTech, presenting a talk "Compressibility of Simple Fluids in Nanopores and its Effect on Wave Propagation in Fluid-Saturated Porous Media". Additionally he presented "Adsorption-Induced Deformation of Nanoporous Materials" at joint seminar organized by the Center for Design, Manufacturing, and Materials (CDMM) and the Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering (CDISE).
At Moscow State University Gennady visited the physics department and gave a seminar on "Compressibility of Subcritical and Supercritical Fluids Confined in Nanopores".

12/17/2019: Gennady has been awarded NSF CAREER Award from the CBET Interfacial Engineering Program "Coupling Adsorption and Mechanics: Towards the Development of Smart Porous Materials"

12/09/2019: Congratulations to Alina on successful defence of her dissertation proposal!

11/15/2019: The Gor group attended the AIChE Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. Chris, Max and Alina delivered oral presentations, Gennady chaired Molecular Simulations of Adsorption session.

10/21/2019: Congratulations to Max on his new paper, which came out in Langmuir today. The work "Pore Size Distribution of Silica Colloidal Crystals from Nitrogen Adsorption Isotherms" is a result of collaboration with Dr. Galukhin from Kazan Federal University.
The PDF is available at DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.9b02252

10/21/2019: Gennady visited Ohio University presenting a talk "Compressibility of Simple Fluids Confined in Nanopores" in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering seminar series.

10/01/2019: Welcome to new group members: undergraduate researchers Alexander Guillen and Daniel Galada, and visiting researchers Dr. Andrei Kolesnkiov and Prof. Veniamin Morgenshtern.

9/01/2019: New academic year starts, and we welcome the new group member, Gary Thomas scholarship recipient, Ella Ivanova. Also, we wish best of luck to our alumn, Nick Corrente, who spent last 1.5 years in the group as an undergraduate researcher, and now starting as a Ph.D. student at Rutgers University.

8/22/2019: Juan Valencia, a high-school summer intern from Union City High School, presented the results of his research entitled "Molecular Simulation of Confined Fluid in Atomistically Rough Nanopore" at the 33rd Annual Partners in Science Research Symposium held at the Liberty Science Center.

8/05/2019: Suneedhi Laddah, a high-school summer intern from the JP Stevens High School presented her summer project "Assessment of Sandstone Nanoporosity and its Role for the Adsorption-Induced Deformation" at the NJIT's Provost High School Summer Research Symposium.

8/04/2019: The new paper from DIANA collaboration came out in Langmuir: Ludescher et al., "In-situ small-angle neutron scattering investigation of adsorption-induced deformation in silica with hierarchical porosity". This work is the first to use in situ SANS for measuring adsorption-induced deformation of mesoporous materials.
The PDF is available at DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.9b01375

8/01/2019: Marcos Molina, rising sophomore in the CME department, and a research assistant in Gor's group presented his summer project "Integrated Solid-Fluid Interaction Potential for Modeling Gas Adsorption in Templated Mesoporous Carbons" at the NJIT's 12th International Undergraduate Research Symposium. You can learn more about this event at NJIT URI website: NJIT Undergraduate Research and Innovation (URI) Program

7/30/2019: Congratulations to Max on his succesfull dissertation proposal!

7/03/2019: Gennady presented an invited talk "Kinetic Model for Condensation-Induced Restructuring of Atmospheric Soot Aggregates" at the International Conference "Mechanisms and Non-Linear Problems of Nucleation and Growth of Crystals and Thin Films" held in St. Petersburg, on July 01-05, 2019.

6/25/2019: Welcome to our High School Summer Research Interns: Juan Valencia from Union City High School and Suneedhi Laddha from John P. Stevens High School!

6/23/2019: Gennady presented a plenary lecture "Compressibility of Confined Simple Fluid from an Equation of State and Molecular Simulation" at the XXII International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics in Russia organized in St. Petersburg State University, on June 19-23, 2019.

6/04/2019: Gennady visited Prof. Boris Gurevich at Curtin University in Western Australia and presented a talk "Compressibility of Simple Fluids Confined in Nanopores" at Curtin/CSIRO Geophysics Seminar.
Coincidentally, the joint paper with Boris "Modeling elastic properties of Vycor glass saturated with liquid and solid adsorbates" came out in Adsorption this week. The PDF is available online at: DOI: 10.1007/s10450-019-00123-4

5/28/2019: Gennady presented a talk "Molecular Simulations Shed Light on Potential Uses of Ultrasound in Nitrogen Adsorption Experiments" at the 13th Fundamentals of Adsorption Conference held in Cairns, Australia, on May 26-31, 2019.

5/24/2019: Chris presented a poster "Compressibility of Confined Fluids via Molecular Simulation and Equation of State Modeling" at the 16th Annual Conference on Frontiers in Applied and Computational Mathematics (FACM'19) held at NJIT on May 23-24, 2019.

5/22/2019: Gennady gave an invited talk "Elastic Properties of Simple Fluids in Mesopores" at the Japan Adsorption conference held in Chiba on May 21-23, 2019.

5/10/2019: Gennady attended the 11th International Conference on Porous Media & Annual Meeting of Interpore, organizing together with Patrick Huber the minisymposium "Fluids in Nanoporous Media". He also presented a collaborative work with geophysicists from Curtin University and CSIRO "The Effect of Water Adsorption on Deformation and Elastic Properties of Bentheim Sandstone".

5/03/2019: Gennady gave a seminar "Elastic Properties of Confined Fluids Probed by Ultrasound and by Molecular Simulations" at the Department of Physics at University of Barcelona.

4/26/2019: Congratulations to Max and Nick on the departmental awards! Max received the Graduate Student Early Publication Award; and Nick was awarded the NJIT Chemical Merit Scholarship.

4/22/2019: Dr. Rodolfo Venegas from Acoustics Research Centre at the University of Salford visited the Gor lab and presented his work within the graduate seminar series.

4/22/2019: Congratulations to Marcos Molina on 2019 Provost Summer Research Fellowship Award! The fellowship will support Marcos' research in the Gor group during the summer.

4/17/2019: Gennady gave a seminar "Elastic Properties of Confined Fluids Probed by Ultrasound and by Molecular Simulations" at the ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company.

4/07/2019: Nick Corrente represented NJIT at the Undergraduate Research Poster Competition within the 2019 AICHE Mid-Atlantic Student Regional Conference at Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA (April 5-7, 2019). Nick presented a poster "Compressibility of confined simple fluid from an equation of state and molecular simulation".

2/28/2019: Gennady presented a talk "Compressibility of Simple Fluids Confined in Nanopores" at the seminar series of the Chemistry Department, Rutgers Newark.

2/25/2019: Gennady presented a talk "Compressibility of Simple Fluids Confined in Nanopores" at the seminar series of the Chemical Engineering Department, City College of New York.

2/19/2019: Gennady presented a talk "Molecular basis for ultrasonic characterization of nitrogen-saturated nanoporous materials" at the 1st Symposium on Acoustics of Nanoporous Materials at the Salford University, (Manchester, UK).

2/07/2019: Welcome to Marcos Molina, who joins the group as undergraduate researcher!

1/23/2019: Gor's group attended the Transport in Disordered Environments Workshop at Princeton University. Chris and Max presented their posters.

1/22/2019: Our paper "Mechanical Characterization of Hierarchical Structured Porous Silica by in-situ Dilatometry Measurements during Gas Adsorption" came out in Langmuir. This work is a continuation of our collaboration with ZAE Bayern, Paris Lodron University Salzburg, Montanuniversitaet Leoben and Rutgers University.
The PDF is available at DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.8b03242

1/12/2019: Our paper "Porous Structure of Silica Colloidal Crystals" came out in Langmuir. This work is a collaborative work led by Prof. Galukhin, which presents the application of nitrogen adsorption to characterization of synthetic opals. Congratulations to Alina Emelianova, who carried out the modeling part of this work!
The PDF is available at DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.8b03476

1/10/2019: Congratulations to Alina Emelianova on her succesful qualifying examination!

12/14/2018: Gor's group attended The 22nd Annual Meeting of Northeast Corridor Zeolite Association (NECZA). Alina and Max presented posters on "Monte Carlo simulation of adsorption in synthetic faujasite zeolites" and "Molecular Simulations Shed Light on Potential Uses of Ultrasound in Nitrogen Adsorption Experiments" respectively.

11/26/2018: Our new paper "Molecular Simulations Shed Light on Potential Uses of Ultrasound in Nitrogen Adsorption Experiments" came out in Langmuir. Congratulations to Max on his first paper! The PDF is available at DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.8b02909. The idea of the paper is depicted in the cartoon below (drawn by Alina): one can use ultrasound to probe a porous body impregnated with nitrogen.

11/21/2018: Our new paper "A single parameter for predicting the morphology of atmospheric black carbon" came out in Environ. Sci. Technol. (IF: 6.198) This work, including both experiments and modeling, is a result of collaboration with the Khalizov group at NJIT Chemistry, and work of four of our students: Chao Chen, Ogo Enekwizu, Chris Dobrzanski and Elly Ivanova. Congratulations! The PDF is available at DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.8b04201

11/13/2018: Gennady Gor delivered an invited keynote presentation "Adsorption-induced deformation: solvation pressure and surface stress approaches" at the XIX Workshop on the Characterization of Fine and Porous Solids "Sorption Induced Deformation of Solids: Swelling and Shrinkage" organized by POROTEC GmbH.

10/31/2018: The Gor group presented three talks at the 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting: Chris presented in Molecular Simulations of Adsorption Session Temperature Dependence of the Elastic Moduli of Confined Liquid Argon. The other two talks were based on the collaboration with the Khalizov group, presented by Ogo and Gennady, respectively: The Impact of Vapor Supersaturation on the Morphology, Mixing State and Optical Properties of Atmospheric Soot and The Competition between Surface and Capillary Condensation of Vapors on Soot Aggregates

10/12/2018: Congratulations to Alina on her first paper! The results of her undergraduate research have been published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series

10/05/2018: A new paper from Gor's group came out in Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth. The work "Sorption-Induced Deformation and Elastic Weakening of Bentheim Sandstone" is a result of collaboration with geophysicists from Curtin University (Australia). This experimental study links the phenomenon of adsorption-induced deformation to the change of the elastic properties of sandstone. The paper is available online at DOI: 10.1029/2018JB016003

10/04/2018: Gennady Gor visited Prof. Shuyu Sun's Computational Transport Phenomena Laboratory at KAUST presenting a tutorial on "Modeling Adsorption-Induced Deformation in Nanoporous Materials" and giving a seminar "Elastic Properties of Fluids in Nanoporous Media: Molecular Simulation Insight" within the Earth Science and Engineering Graduate Seminar series.

9/18/2018: Max Maximov presented a poster on "Analysis of Ultrasonic Measurements during Nitrogen Adsorption Experiments" at the 1st North American Symposium on Dynamic Vapor Sorption Science generously supported by Surface Measurement Systems.

9/15/2018: Gennady Gor presented a lecture for the high-school students at 30ka, one of the top Russian high schools, specialized in math and physics. The topics covered included the basics of molecular modeling, as well as a Q&A on careers in STEM.

9/14/2018: Gennady Gor gave a Keynote Presentation "Adsorption-Induced Mechanical Stresses: Effects on the Solid and on the Fluid" at V International Conference on Colloid Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics

9/07/2018: Welcome to Duyen Nguyen! Duyen is a new Ph.D. student in Khalizov group, co-advised by Gennady Gor.

8/31/2018: A new paper from Gor's group came out in Phys. Rev. Materials. The work "Elastocapillarity in nanopores: Sorption strain from the actions of surface tension and surface stress" is a result of collaboration with researchers from Hamburg University of Technology Prof. Patrick Huber and Prof. Jörg Weissmüller. In this work the phenomenon of adsorption-induced deformation is discussed based on a phenomenological description of coupled mechanics and adsorption that has well-established links to continuum mechanics. The paper is available online at DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.2.086002

8/30/2018: Gennady Gor gave a seminar at Edgewood Chemical Biological Center on "Mechanical Effects of Fluids Adsorption in Nanoporous Materials"

8/17/2018: Congratulations to Max on his fruitful independent study with Prof. Roman Voronov! Max wrote an image-processing code that helped to unveil the regularities in behavior of cells in microfluidic mazes. These results contributed to a paper in Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. The paper is available at DOI: 10.1007/s12195-018-0551-x

8/06/2018: Congratulations to Chris Dobrzanski on his succesful dissertation proposal defense!

8/03/2018: Our high school students presented at the Provost High School Interns Poster Symposium. Zach Lyandres spoke on "Analysis of Structure of Nanoconfined Fluids and Relation to the Elastic Properties" and Juan Valencia on "Predicting the Vapor Pressures for Low-Volatile Organic Compounds". These excellent presentations would not be possible without their mentors: Nick, Chris, Emma and Max.

7/27/2018: Nick Corrente, rising senior in the CME department, and a research assistant in Gor's group presented his summer project "Molecular Dynamics Simulations Study of Confinement Effects on Compressibility and Heat Capacity of Fluids" at the NJIT's 11th International Undergraduate Research Symposium. You can learn more about this event at NJIT URI website: NJIT Undergraduate Research and Innovation (URI) Program

7/13/2018: Gor's group attended a RASPA Workshop at Northwestern University. For Nick, Chris, Alina and Max, it was a great opportunity to attend the lectures by world-class experts in Monte Carlo simulations, and to get hands-on experience with RASPA -- a powerful molecular simulations code.

7/06/2018: Gennady Gor attended a Conference Cluster held in Suzdal, Russia, presenting an invited key lecture "Mechanical Effects of Fluids Adsorption in Nanoporous Materials" at the International Symposium "Smart materials" and a lecture "Modeling Adsorption-Induced Stresses in Nanoporous Materials" at the Summer School "Modeling of smart materials"

6/27/2018: Gennady Gor visited the Acoustics Laboratory at St. Petersburg State University and gave a seminar on "Compressibility of Fluids Confined in Nanopores"

6/25/2018: Welcome to the new members of the Gor group, working within the summer research programs for undergraduate and high school students: Emma King, (Wellesley College), Zachary Lyandres (Tenafly High School) and Juan Valencia (Union City High School)

6/01/2018: Congratulations to Max Maximov on his success on the qualifying exam!

5/18/2018: Gennady Gor organized a first NJIT Molecular Simulations Mini-Workshop. This workshop brought together NJIT researchers working in molecular and atomistic modeling across the disciplines.

5/17/2018: Gennady Gor attended the Jubilee Interpore Annual Meeting in New Orleans and together with Prof. Patrick Huber organized the minisymposium "Fluids in Nanoporous Media". This year was the third year of the minisymposium, which remains the largest at the Interpore Meeting with 20 oral presentations and a number of posters.

5/09/2018: Gor's group attended the CPM8 workshop, presenting two posters and an oral contribution. Congratulations to Max Maximov and Alina Emelianova with their first presentations on an international meeting!

5/07/2018: Congratulations to Zachary Lyandres (Tenafly High School) on 2018 Provost High School Summer Research Internship. He will spent his second summer working with the Gor's group and learning what computational research is.

4/30/2018: Congratulations to Nick Corrente on 2018 Provost Summer Research Fellowship Award. This award will allow Nick to focus on his research project full-time during this summer.

3/14/2018: Congratulations to Zachary Lyandres (Tenafly High School) on Yale Science and Engineering Award for his presentation at Nokia Bell Labs North Jersey Regional Science Fair. Zach presented the results of his research carried out at Computational Laboratory for Porous Materials during the Summer 2017. More information is available at NJRSF website

2/23/2018: The presentation "Analytical Model for Vapor Condensation on Soot Agglomerates" by Gennady Gor, Chao Chen and Alexei Khalizov was named the Best Presentation of the Session at the 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting in Minneapolis.

1/30/2018: Welcome to Taylor Kvist and Nick Corrente, who join the group as undergraduate researchers!

1/10/2018: Welcome to Alina Emelianova, who joins the group as a Ph.D. student!

1/03/2018: Congratulations to Chris Dobrzanski on his first journal publication, which has been accepted to J. Chem. Phys.! In this work we simulated liquid argon in model nanopores and calculated its compressibility. We showed that along with the pore size, the pore shape affects the elastic modulus of confined argon: argon is a spherical pore is stiffer than in the cylindrical pore of the same size. This observation suggests that elasticity of confined fluids can be used as a quantitative measure for calculation of pore size distribution of a nanoporous sample.
The paper is available online at the J. Chem. Phys. webpage

12/28/2017: Our new paper "Gassmann Theory Applies to Nanoporous Media" (by Gennady Gor and Boris Gurevich) came out in Geophysical Research Letters. Gassmann theory describes the propagation of sound waves in fluid-saturated porous media, which is essential for exploration geophysics. Does this theory apply to nanoporous media, such as shales? For shales it still remains an open question, yet our paper showed that for a model nanoporous medium, Vycor glass, the Gassmann theory works. In order to apply the Gassmann equation for such system, the fluid properties have to be modified to take into account the solvation pressure in the nanopores. Our findings set up a theoretical framework for investigation of fluid-saturated nanoporous media using ultrasonic elastic wave propagation.
The paper is available online at: the GRL webpage

11/06/2017: Max Maximov and Chris Dobrzanski present their works at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Mid-Atlantic Section. Both works employed Monte Carlo molecular simulations to model thermodynamics of fluids in the nanopores. Max spoke on "Argon Adsorption in Three-Dimensional Ordered Mesoporous (3DOm) Carbons: Monte Carlo Molecular Simulation Study" and Chris on "Calculation of elastic properties of argon confined in nanopores of various morphologies using grand canonical Monte Carlo"

11/01/2017: Gennady Gor attends AIChE annual meeting, presenting the results of Christopher Dobrzanski's work "Compressibility of Argon Confined in Nanopores: Effect of the Pore Geometry" and a joint work with Khalizov's group "Analytical Model for Vapor Condensation on Soot Agglomerates"

10/24/2017: Gennady Gor gives a seminar at St. Petersburg State University, Department of Statistical Physics speaking "On the Problem of Condensation-Induced Restructuring of Soot Agglomerates" based on the collaborative work with the Khalizov group

10/17/2017: Gennady Gor gives a talk "Fluctuations of number of particles in the fluid confined in a nanopore" at the 5th Russian conference "Metastable States and Fluctuation Phenomena" held in in Yekaterinburg (Russia) at the Institute of Thermal Physics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This work demonstrated how compressibility of confined fluid can be extracted from the Monte Carlo simulation in the grand canonical ensemble (GCMC). Ironically, among the conference participants was famous Professor Norman, the father of the GCMC method.

10/06/2017: Gennady Gor gives a seminar at NJIT's Department of Mathematical Sciences, speaking on "How to Interpret Ultrasonic Experiments on Fluid-Saturated Nanoporous Media?" within the Applied Mathematics Colloquium series

9/19/2017: Lukas Ludescher joins the group as a visiting Ph.D. student. Lukas is a Ph.D. student in Montanuniversitaet Leoben, where he works on a collaborative project on sorption-induced deformation. He came to the US to work on the computational aspects of this project.

9/05/2017: Maksim (Max) Maksimov joins the group as a Ph.D. student

7/28/2017: Gennady Gor visits the DuPont Experimental Station (Wilmington, DE) and gives a seminar "Compressibility of the fluids confined in the nanopores"

7/28/2017: Armani-Christian Roxas presents the results of his research "Surface Stresses Induced by Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Condensation on Carbon Surface: Molecular Dynamics Simulation" at the Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium at NJIT. Read more about the symposium on the NJIT web site

7/17/2017: Gennady Gor attends the "DIANA" workshop organized by Oskar Paris at Montanuniversitaet, Leoben, Austria. In addition to discussing the collaborative work on adsorption-induced deformation of hierarchical mesoporous structures, he gives a seminar "What can we learn about elasticity of nanoporous material from elasticity of fluid in its pores?"

7/11/2017: Gennady Gor attends the Sixth Biot Conference on Poromechanics in Paris, giving an oral presentation "Bulk Modulus of Not-So-Bulk Fluid". The proceedings of the conference are published by ASCE and are available online here

6/29/2017: Gennady Gor gives an oral presentation at the International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols (ICNAA2017) in Helsinki, Finland. He presents the work done in collaboration with Khalizov's group "Kinetic model for condensation-induced restructuring of atmospheric soot agglomerates". The extended abstract of the conference are available online here

6/19/2017: High school students Marcelo Munoz and Zachary Lyandres join the group to carry out research during the summer.

5/26/2017: A new paper "Adsorption-Induced Deformation of Hierarchically Structured Mesoporous Silica - Effect of Pore-Level Anisotropy" written as a result of collaborative work of Gennady Gor with reserachers from ZAE Bayern (Germany), Montanuniversitaet Leoben (Austria), University of Salzburg (Austria), Rutgers University and Naval Research Lab has been published in Langmuir. In addition to the unique experimental results, the paper presents a new model of deformation of a material with channel-like pores due to adsorption which distinguish the stresses normal to the channel and along the channel. The paper is available online at: the Langmuir webpage

5/19/2017: Gennady Gor gave an oral presentation "Elastic Properties of Confined Fluids and their Application for Characterization of Porous Materials" at the XI International Conference on Characterization of Porous Solids in Avignon. Two other contributions based on the collaborative work of Dr. Gor with ZAE Bayern (Germany) were presented at the conference by Christian Balzer.

5/12/2017: Christopher Dobrzanski and Gennady Gor attended the Interpore conference in Rotterdam. Christopher presented the results on his research obtained within the 1st year of his Ph.D. studies.

4/26/2017: Armani-Christian Roxas has been awarded the 2017 Provost Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarship to carry out research in the Gor's group during the Summer 2017. Armani will be working on modeling interactions of soot particles with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using molecular dynamics simulation.

3/17/2017: Gennady Gor presented his research on mechanical effects of adsorption at several seminars in St. Petersburg and Moscow: Molecular Physics Department at MEPhI, Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg State Technological Institute, SCAMT laboratory at ITMO University, Laboratory of Physics of Nanostructures at St. Petersburg National Research Academic University.

2/24/2017: Gennady Gor has published an invited review paper on adsorption-induced deformation of nanoporous materials in the journal Applied Physics Reviews. Nanoporous materials play an important role in many chemical engineering applications, in particular they are used as adsorbents. When fluids get adsorbed in the pores that are only a few nanometers wide, the intermolecular forces between the fluids and solids induce very high pressures. These pressures can reach hundreds of atmospheres and cause noticeable deformations even in stiff solid materials. The review paper discusses a variety of cases where these strains are significant: change of permeation of zeolite membranes, swelling of coal, etc. and presents the state-of-the art theoretical understanding of this phenomenon.
The paper is available online (open access) at DOI: 10.1063/1.4975001

1/28/2017: Gennady Gor presents a simple analytical model for condensation-induced restructuring of soot agglomerates at the 35th Northeast Regional Meeting on Kinetics and Dynamics. These are the first results on the collaborative project with Khalizov's group, supported by NJIT Seed grant.

11/20/2016: Dr. Gor organizes Minisymposium Fluids in Nanoporous Media at the Interpore-9 conference. The abstracts for poster presentations are still accepted. More information.

11/18/2016: Dr. Gor delivered two talks at the 2016 AIChE Annual Meeting. Compressibility of Confined Fluid and Its Dependence on Pressure and Adsorption-Induced Deformation of Hierarchical Mesoporous Structures

10/26/2016: Molecular simulations suggest that argon confined in a mesopore satisfies classical Tait equation, linear relation between elastic modulus and pressure. Moreover, the slope of this linear relation is the same as for bulk liquid argon. This is the main result of the new Dr. Gor's paper in J. Chem. Phys. This result can be used to determine elastic properties of nanoporous materials.

9/16/2016: Dr. Gor received NJIT seed grant to work on restructuring of soot nanoparticles in collaboration with Dr. Khalizov. More information.

8/02/2016: Adsorption-induced deformation can be used to improve the calculation of pore-size distribution of microporous carbons. This was shown in a collaborative paper with ZAE Bayern and Rutgers published in Langmuir

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